OK! Magazine Busted for using a fake photo…

The above pictures are a photo manipulation that someone did just for fun of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from photos taken at the Teen Choice Awards. Basically, Nikki & Kellan were cropped out & a picture of Robert Pattinson sitting by himself was then put into make it look like Kristen had her arm on Robert Pattinson. No biggie. The pic ended up looking like this:

What IS a big deal, though is the fact that OK! Magazine, Austrailia used this photo manip’ to help sell a story. The photo is a fake and now published. Who did they give the photo credit to? This is a fake picture that OK! Mag’ ran as a real photo – which is perfect evidence as to why you SHOULD NOT always believe the things you read in these magazines. Here are the scans from OK! Magazine of the fake picture that was published for thousands to see:

OK! Magazine, consider yourself BUSTED!

Thanks to TwiFans & RobsessedPattinson