Please Welcome Our NEW Renesmee’s Diary Writer Sabrina to the Bella’s Diary Family!

I wan’t looking for any new writer’s when Sabrina popped up in my email asking if she could take over one of the abandoned diaries. But once I saw a sample of her writing and heard some of her brilliant ideas, I thought, “Yeah, the readers will love her!” So of course, I happily welcome her on board!

Sabrina, an avid writer,  is currently working on her own novel and going to school. You can read the first entry written by Sabrina here. (Note: it picks up where the previous writer left off. So if you haven’t read the past entries, you might want to.)

Sabrina is in the process of creating a new Renesmee’s Diary fan page so she can interact with her readers, and once it’s done the link will be added to the bottom of her entries!


Welcome to the family (errr, sisterhood?), Sabrina! There are some great girls writing alongside you, and I think we’re all pumped to make a new friend!