Tinsel Korey Plays Sandra In Her New Film Titled ‘SoBe Real’

Tinsel Korey (aka Emily Young) is currently shooting a new movie called  SoBe Real until the 18th of November. In the below video she chats about her role in the film as Sandra. Plus, see below for the movie’s synopsis!

Synopsis of SoBe Real:

Amy, an attractive and overconfident single woman, confuses love with money and becomes a victim of the materialistic nature of South Beach.

The journey through her romantic relationships starts with Nick, a down-to-earth, young architect. Amy has dreams that Nick can’t fulfill, and although she loves him, she grows tired of his inability to afford the lifestyle South Beach demands.

In her search for glamour, Amy meets Sam, an older, married man who lives in New York. Even though Sam provides Amy with the luxurious lifestyle she desires, she begins to feel a void for love and attention. Unwilling to let go of Sam’s financial support, Amy becomes involved in a parallel relationship with Robert, who loves her but remains suspicious of her ways and motives.

Amy’s double life reaches its boiling point in a confrontation between Sam and Robert, leaving her homeless and alone. She is at the lowest point of her life when she meets Mitch, a young and successful music producer who seems to have it all. Unfortunately for Amy, in South Beach, not everything is as good as it looks.

[Thank you xoxoTKO and Beverley Harris-Alvarez]