Jennifer Love Hewitt is Team Edward after Meeting Taylor Lautner

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is getting attention lately for her love of Twilight, chatted to the Wendy Williams Show about her run-in with Taylor Lautner, and why it made her go back to being Team Edward.

[Thanks TwilightLexicon]



Team Jacob VS Team Edward (New Moon DVD Extra)

Team Edward! Team Jacob! Team Switzerland!



Hilarious Twilight Rap Battle!

I just found this and it made me laugh so much ! Okay Twi-Hards… who do you think won this rap battle? Let me know via my Twitter HERE!



‘The Hills’ Star Kristin Cavallari shows support for ‘Team Jacob’ with her water bottle!

‘The Hills’ star Kristin Cavallari was spotted today in Los Angeles showing her support for New Moon‘s Taylor Lautner with her ‘Team Jacob’ water bottle. Looks like a small ‘Team Edward’ & ‘Team Jacob’ battle might start taking over Hollywood!

Photos: Bauergriffin



More Twilight/New Moon Themed Pumpkins!!

Made by Macy (above)

Made by Andrea (above)

Made by Kate (above)

Made by Heather (above)

Above are the last of the Halloween pumpkins that I got sent! I am sooo happy that I got the one of Jacob sent in for all the ‘Team Jacob” fans out there! I was having server issues and could not get into my email – or I would have posted these earlier. Well done everyone who sent in pumpkins, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Now, for some news!




Seventeen Magazine Asked: ‘Team Edward or Team Jacob?’

Seventeen Magazine asked people if they were ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’ and the above video are the responses. I wonder if any of those will change after New Moon comes out?



Taylor Lautner does a photoshoot for Rolling Stone Magazine! (Hotness ALERT!)

Okay ‘Team Jacob’ fans, take a breather and wipe the drool from your chin…

Pick your jaw back up! These pictures of Taylor Lautner were taken during a photo shoot for Rolling Stone. Can’t wait for this issue to come out! You can see even more pics of Taylor Lautner here!



Selena Gomez talks Twilight!!

Selena Gomez talks Twilight – and picks a side when asked ‘Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.” She’s adorable!



You know you’ve made it when you’re made out of corn…

Twilight made out of COrn, Team Edward, Team Jacob

You know your story has made it big when people are making your characters out of corn! I found this over at Twilight Lexicon & had to look a few times to believe what I was seeing. Yup – that’s Jacob & Edward made out of corn with ‘New Moon 11/20/09″ written above Jacob.

According to Desert News, “Aerial photos show that two separate “Twilight”-themed maze patterns at Black Island Farms, 3178 S. 3000 West, have already been cut into the corn — a “Team Jacob” and a “Team Edward.” (In the movie, Bella can choose Edward or Jacob as her boyfriend.) The lettering “New moon 11-20-09″ is also a part of the maze.”

For more information visit the Black Island Farms website



Jacob & Bella: Amazing fan made video!

Love this video made by keirami21! For all you team Jacob fans, enjoy!