Top Ten ‘Twilight’ Things To Look Forward To In 2011!

2010 was chalk full of amazing Twilight Saga moments, but we’re looking ahead, not back. Amanda Bell from the Twilight Examiner has compiled a list to get us all excited for all the amazing Twilight moments 2011 will bring. Check it out:

More filming

Filming on Breaking Dawn has been going on for a month (give or take) now, and it is expected to pick back up from the cast and crew’s winter holiday break on January 3rd. While we know that the Baton Rouge set of Breaking Dawn is locked up tightly, the cast has never been more active on Twitter than it has been this go-round. So, hopefully we’ll keep getting bits and pieces of information from them – not to mention some more of those special Breaking Dawn snapshots Bill Condon (director) has been doling out (for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so far). This should tide us over until . . . .

The Official Guide:

At lastttttt . . . On April 12th, Stephenie Meyer’s Official Guide will hit stores. It’s been a long time coming, and fans have been very eager to see what Meyer has cooked up to explain any missing pieces in the Saga. If Bree Tanner was any indication of what was in store with the Guide, it should be a very interesting addition to the collection. The same will be true if Volume 2 of the Twilight Graphic Novel hits stores this year.

Breaking Dawn photos, trailer, and promos

Like with Eclipse in 2010, fans can most certainly look forward to the moments when new still images, trailers, and TV spots start rolling out for Breaking Dawn. Of course, it won’t happen all at once or that simply, but throughout the year, we’ll start to see more and more from the movie as the theatrical release date for the film begins to near. No doubt the first trailer will come by way of an important event (for example, with New Moon, the first trailer showed at the MTV Movie Awards), and still images will come out a few at a time, so the release of these things will probably become their own little events. That’s always pretty fun for Twilight fans.

Breaking Dawn premiere

No Leno or awards show appearance will ever stack up to premiere night. Fans will, in devoted fashion, camp out in a sort of tent city for days to see the big event in person, and there’ll be livestream feeds all over the place for those who can’t make it to L.A. (assumption on location there). The cast, Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, soundtrack musicians, and filmmakers involved will all walk the red carpet in style. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

Go check out the entire list at the Examiner here! This is going to be an amazing year for Twilight – so excited!!

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