VF Interviews With Three Of The Bands On The New Moon Soundtrack PLUS Sample lyrics!!!!!!

Just got an email from the people over at Vanity Fair letting me know that they have just posted interviews with three of the bands from the New Moon Soundtrack! How awesome is that! When the New Moon Soundtrack list was released, there is no doubt that indie kids were stoked to see many of their favorites on the list. Vanity Fair was lucky enough to interview Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf, Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent (on her song with Bon Iver) and Tim Nordwind of OK Go. Here is an excerpt:

Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf on “The Violet Hour”

What does your song “The Violet Hour” sound like?

It’s a very up-tempo, peppy kind of song with a dark twist to it. It’s about a girl who is interested in me but is also wishy-washy—someone aloof. I get the sense she’s leading me on but I’m not really sure. It’s a little bit sexy.

Can you give us some sample lyrics?


Your arms are lovely
Yellow and rose
Your back’s a meadow
Covered in snow
Your thighs are thistles
And hothouse grapes
You breathe your sweet breath
And have me wait

Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, on her song with Bon Iver, “Rosyln.”

How does it feel to have your music reach the legions of Twilight fans?

If I had a soundtrack with Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and Bon Iver [on it] and had been hip to that music even earlier on in life, I think I’d be better off and have a richer creative outlet to draw from at a younger age. That’s the sweet thing to me about being included on this soundtrack.

You and Justin Vernon [of the band Bon Iver] perform a duet on the soundtrack song “Roslyn.” How did that come together?

We recorded it in July and August. It was a song Justin had been working on for a while. It was a very Internet-friendly collaboration.

What’s the mood of it?

It’s a melancholy, bittersweet kind of song with softer acoustic guitar and slide guitar—we kind of make up this choir of voices. It’s a somber song, for sure, very aching, longing, and beautiful. Typical Justin Vernon.

Tim Nordwind of OK Go

What’s the song “Shooting the Moon” about?

It’s a story about an astronaut who tries to go to the moon but doesn’t quite make it. He has to come back and apologize for not making it.

An astronaut? How does that relate to Twilight?

It’s a song about trying to do the best thing but failing and then having to come back and explain. It’s about false hope.

Can you give us a sample of some of the song lyrics?

What can he tell ‘em now
Sorry I let you down
Sorry I wasn’t quite true
But don’t get hung up on it
Just soldier on with it
And good luck shooting the moon

There is soooo much more so make sure to CLICK HERE to read it all to get the inside scoop on these artists and their contribution to the New Moon Soundtrack!