Video: Alex Meraz, Julia Jones & Tinsel Korey At The Sugar Factory!

We showed you pics of Alex Meraz, Julia Jones & Tinsel Korey at the Sugar Factory here,  and now we have a video for you below. Enjoy:

[Via TheMerazEffect]



Charlie Bewley,Tinsel Korey AND Chaske Spencer on Artist On Demand!

I just got word from Artists On Demand that they will be having some Twilight: New Moon stars on their show!  This week they will be talking to Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Tinsel Korey (Emily) and Chaske Spencer (Sam).  Here are the upcoming dates and times:

Monday, January 25th @ 10PM EST – Charlie Bewley

Tuesday, January 26th @ 9pm EST – Tinsel Korey AND Chaske Spencer (together for the first time)

The coolest part is that they are accepting calls. So, if you have a question for Chaske, Tinsel or Charlie – you can cal(347) 884-9941 and Press 1 to get through and ask a question!

Be sure to visit Artist On Demand Radio Page here!