Bronson Pelletier & Kiowa Gordon pics from Chicago Twi-Con!

Earlier we showed you pictures of Tinsel Korey, Mike Welch and Justin Chon from the Chicago Twi-Tour – now, above, I’ve posted pictures from the same event of Kiowa Gordon (Embry) & Bronson Pelletier (Jared). They’re both looking great!

♥Thank you to Kat (aka csikat) for all the great pictures you’ve provided for those of us hungry for some Twi-Action! xo



Justin Chon, Michael Welch, Tinsel Korey & Charlie Bewley at Chicago Twi-Con!

Nice Face Charlie (below)

Here are some pictures from the Twilight Convention in Chicago that just took place over the weekend. Charlie Bewley (who plays Demetri), Tinsel Korey (Emily), Mike Welch (Mike Newton) and Justin Chon (who plays Eric) all attended, and by the looks of it they had a great time. See more pictures HERE! (thanks lunanuevameyer).

Also, here are two videos. The first one is Mike Welch performing the Baracuda at the October 3rd Twi-Con in Chicago. The second one is from the August Twi-Tour in Phoenix Arizona. Mike took to the stage to dance while Candace Charee’ sang a cover song of Broken wing.