Reader Submitted Twilight Cake!

One of our lovely readers, Paige, celebrated her Birthday (April 6th) and received an amazing Twilight-style cake (pictured below). Paige had actually submitted her Twilight themed cake to us last year, too. It’s good to see you again, Paige! Happy Birthday Paige, luv! Thank you for sticking with us and visiting for the past year!

Beautiful cake (bet it’s hard to make yourself cut into it, lol!)



Twilight Birthday Cake

One of our visitors, Paige, celebrated her 13th Birthday today and sent in this awesome photo of the Twilight Birthday cake she got. This is incredible! We hope you had a very, very happy Birthday Paige, with lots of love from

I love the lion and lamb at the top! So adorable!!



Cute Twilight Birthday cake!

One of our readers, Jamie, sent in this amazing pic of her Birthday cake that her mom & boyfriend got for her Birthday yesterday! That’s her kissing Edward, and below it is her favorite Eclipse quote: “I’ll Be back so soon, you wont have time too miss me- look after my heart I’ve left it with you.”

This was so sweet of them to do! ♥Happy belated Birthday Jamie! I bet it was hard to eat this cake because it’s so pretty! :)



Gorgeous Twi-Cake!

One of our readers, Becca, just celebrated a her 14th Birthday and her (very talented) Grandma made this gorgeous Birthday cake to celebrate! WOW. Happy  belated Birthday Becca!  You have such a sweet Grandma :)



Twi-Birthday Cake!!

This is a Birthday cake that one of our readers, Chelsy, sent in from her Birthday! Chelsy’s extremely talent Mom made this, and it includes Twilight & zebra because those are two of Chelsy’s favorite things! This cake turned out beautiful. Thank you for sending Chelsy and Happy Belated Birthday from Bella’s Diary! :)