Dear Diary (Brother)

Charlie has been home for a couple of days now and his recovery has been smooth. Renesmee has been visiting with him often; she really knows how to bring a smile to his face.

He loves her.

The feeling in Charlie’s arm is coming back much faster than expected, and his infection is completely cleared up. He does, however, have to remain on antibiotics to ensure the infection doesn’t come back. Dr. Carlise’s orders.

I’m so proud of Charlie. I have never given him the credit he deserves for his incredible ability to overcome tribulations in life and walk away with a smile on his face.
For now, Sue is staying with Charlie every night. She cooks for him, and cleans. She has been an incredible help and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. They seem to get along really well too, and Charlie seems to always light up when she’s around.

Aside from watching over Charlie, something rather strange happened yesterday. When Edward, Nessie, Jacob and I were visiting with Carlisle and Esme, a man wandered to our door. He was a rather scruffy man, with good looks hidden under his ragged hair and dirty nails. His face was beautiful.


His body was lean, yet very strong looking. We recognized immediately that he was one of us, he was a vampire. Carlisle had spoken intently with him in the lobby, while Edward listened to Carlisle’s thoughts. Oddly, he couldn’t hear the man, who calls himself Baylor.

Edward tried, focused… and nothing. Baylor was like me, Edward’s gift of reading minds didn’t work with him.

Regardless, Edward was able to see everything in Carlisle’s thoughts. Baylor came to the Cullen’s because he wanted to be a “vegetarian.” He told Carlise his story of how he was turned. Like me, he was turned for his protection. His story was truly astounding, even after everything I’ve encountered in my life.

Baylor’s Mother was turned one night after her shift at a local pub in Arbridge, a village in Essex, England. She was a single mother, working late most nights to make enough money to support her and Baylor. She was described by Baylor as ‘young and beautiful,’ and as he continued, he explained how many men were interested in her, but she did not want a relationship after going through so much affliction with her recent divorce.

There was a man, however, who watched her every night as she walked home on a small trail through the shallow forest. This man admired her from afar without her knowing.

The man was a vampire.

The night that Baylor’s Mother, Keira, was turned, the young vampire who turned her explained that he loved her and wanted there to be a way for him to have her. He constantly watched her from afar, never approaching, in fear of hurting her. In fear of killing her.

Once turned, she adjusted quickly to her new life as an immortal. This wasn’t the life she had asked for, nor the life she wanted – but it was the life she would have potentially been stuck with forever.

She did not love the vampire – who’s name was Aiden – who did this to her. As soon as she could, she left him… for good.

Extremely strong, and confused about her state of being, Keira made the decision to return to her son, Baylor. She had explained everything to him and promised to keep him protected, no matter what she had to do.

Baylor stayed with his grandparents for two years after his Mother had become a vampire. They had fabricated a story about how Keira could no longer take care of Baylor and had to get out of England to find a better paying job. At night, though, Keira would come into Baylor’s room to chat. They would laugh and they would tell each other stories.

Baylor and his Mother were extremely close before she was turned, and that bond never faded. Keira loved her only son more than anything, and he loved his mother in return with the same amount of ardor.

Baylor was just about to leave for university when the Volturi found out about him and his knowledge of our kind. Similar to my story, they ordered that he be turned, or they would have no choice but to kill him. Keira knew what her only option was; she was to save her son.

After Baylor was turned, sadly, it wasn’t long before his Mother was destroyed.

Aiden – the man who turned Keira, admired her – had come back for her, now that she was no longer a ‘new born,’ and no longer obtained the strength that came along with being a new vampire. He caught her while she was in the forest, on a hunt, and explained that he was overwhelmed with the guilt of taking her human life away for his own needs, his own wants. He also told her that he loved her too much to bare being in this world without her. After Aiden had destroyed Keira, he went to Baylor – knowing that he was a strong young vampire – and told him the story of what he had done to his Mother. Completely enraged, Baylor tore Aiden apart, then burned all the pieces.

This was exactly what Aiden wanted, too. That was the point of his visit with Baylor.

Now that Baylor is alone, without his family, without anyone, he wants to be part of the Cullen family. He explained that he has never tasted human blood before. His Mother only drank the blood of animals, and taught him to do the same once she turned him. Though it is a struggle most days still, Baylor believes he can find the guidance he needs from Carlisle.

Baylor wants a family more than anything right now. His life has been far from ideal, and he needs direction from someone loving and experienced. He had heard about the Cullens from his Mother, actually. She told him their story and mentioned that it would be a safe and exciting option for them if Carlisle would have them. Now all alone, Baylor was trying to do what him and his Mother had planned.

Carlisle told Baylor that as long as he could take the time to get to know each of the other family members, and as long as he was serious about being in a loving ‘vegetarian’ environment, that he would be more than welcome to join the Cullens.

Baylor thanked Carlisle profusely, and assured him that he would do whatever it took to be a part of the Cullen family.

One thing, however, that Carlisle forgot to mention, is that us Cullens are friends with the wolves. This is something that will come out soon enough, along with Nessie’s story.
For now, Baylor is taking turns getting to know us all. Other than a brief introduction, I haven’t spent any time with him… yet. As soon as I do, I will give you an update and let you know what I think of my new brother.

Baylor is going to be in the same position that Edward was in when everyone else in the house was paired up. He is the only one who doesn’t have a love.

For now.

That could change. Just like it did for Edward.