Video: Eclipse (Glee Style)

Check it out Glee and Twilight fans. Here is your perfect concoction of Eclipse, mixed with Glee. Gleeclipse? <—I like it. ;-)

Thanks to TwilightGuide



Twilight Musical Parody: Grease Twilightin’

I couldn’t help but think of Bill Condon when I saw this. When everyone found out he would be directing the Breaking Dawn movies he got his fair share of musical jokes. Anyway, enjoy the Grease Twilightin’ parody staring YouTube star Shane Dawson.

[Take180 via Team-Twilight]



Twilight Spoof from the movie ‘Dance Flick’ SO FUNNY!

This is a parody from the movie ‘Dance FLick’ of the ending scene in Twilight! Thank you sooo much to Jasie for sending this in to me! I love parodies and this was just amazing. LOL.Watching this made me want to go watch my Twilight DVD, but it’s 3:30am so I’m not going to. :/