Hilary Duff Loves Twilight!

Is Hilary Duff a werewolf or vampire girl? Check her out in the new interview below where she admits to loving Twilight.

Starts at the 5:03 mark.

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It’s kinda cool ’cause Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale) interviewed Hilary Duff  before her show on Disney 411 years ago, before all the Twilight fame. :) Here’s the video for those who might not have seen it:

He’s adorable in this!



What A Non-Twilight Fan Thinks Of The Saga: The Making of a Twihard

Moviefone just introduced a new column titled “What I think I know about Twilight: The making of a Twihard?” The columns is written by a girl named Gaby who has never read the Twilight books, or seen the movies… until now. She is currently about to embark on an experiment and take us all along for the ride as she gets to know the The Twilight Saga.

Gaby’s first entry detailed the things she ‘thinks’ she knows about the Saga. Here are some examples of what she’s written:

10 Things I Think I Know About ‘Twilight’

1. There’s a family of vampires.

They’re all pretty and high-school aged. They somehow continue to repeat the same grade and never age but no one notices.

2. A new girl, Bella, moves to town.

She’s also pretty, but she’s really plain. Then, she meets Edward and they fall in love, but he’s all, “We can’t be together!” and she doesn’t know why. He can also smell her blood. I think.

3. She figures out he’s a vampire pretty easily.

And instead of running the other way, she is super into it.

Read the other seven and the rest of her entry here—>



Beyond Amazing Edward/Bella/Jake Fan Videos!

I love fan videos that have a way of taking you back to what this saga is really about in a few quick minutes, leaving you wanting to go re-read the books again. These videos are beyond amazing!

[Via Lion_Lamb]



New Pics of Some Twilight Stars at Moroccanoil Celebrity Gift Retreat for the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Here are some new pics of some  Twilight Saga cast members kickin’ it at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards Moriccanoil Gift Retreat!

More – Just Click The Thumbs For Bigger (below):

[Thanks TwilightXchange]



Twilight Cast On Stage at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards!!

Here are a few video of Twilight actors winning awards at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards!

Twilight Saga: WIN Big Teen Choice Awards:

Taylor Lautner wins Choice Male Actor Fantasy:

Taylor Lautner Wins Choice Smile:

[Thank you TwilightBritneyFan]



Twilight Saga: Fan made transition between all of the book covers.

AMVradiant made this amazing transition between the Twilight Saga cover art and it’s amazing! Be sure to subscribe and visit his channel for info on how this was made!




Peter Facinelli tells ReelzChannel why Eclipse is his favorite movie, and a chat with Stephenie Meyer. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Will Smith’s son and how confident he is about his love for the Twilight Saga! He’s so cute!!



Vote All Things Twilight For The 2010 Kids Choice Awards!

The 2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards will be airing Saturday March 27th 8/7c and I know every Twilight Fan wants to see their favorite Movie/Stars/Book win big time. All you have to do is head over to the Nickelodeon website here and vote. You get a cool check list of your voting progress – and it’s fun!

NEW MOON is nominated for favorite couple twice (Edward & Bella & Jacob & Bella), favorite movie, favorite movie actor (Taylor Lautner), and the Twilight series is up for favorite book!

Have fun!



New/Old Twilight Set Photos!

Back to where it all began! Here are some new/old Twilight movie set photos!

Source via twilightbritneyfan



Photos Of Elizabeth Reaser From “The Ex List”

Here are some photos of Elizabeth Reaser (who plays Esme Cullen in the Twilight Saga) from the show “The Ex List” where she played a character named Bella (now that’s a pretty name, lol). Elizabeth really is such a natural beauty!

tvguide via lunanuevameyer

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