‘Twilight’ Director Catherine Hardwicke Joins Twitter!

Director of the first Twilight film, Catherine Hardwicke, has joined Twitter! Her username is c_hardwicke.

I should also take this time to reiterate that Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner or Kristen Stewart are on Twitter. This is confirmed by multiple official sources. If you’re following someone who is claiming to be one of them, it’s a fake account. We will let you know right away if/when they do join!


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Twilight Actors Official Twitter Accounts List!

If you’re on Twitter and you’re a Twilight Saga fan then you probably want to know which stars from the films are also using Twitter so you can follow them. You also probably want to know which accounts are real, and which are fakes. Below is a list of all the official Twitter accounts of the Twilight actors. If they are not on this list, they are a fake.

@AshleyMGreene – ASHLEY GREENE (Alice Cullen – The Cullens)

@KellanLutz – KELLAN LUTZ (Emmett Cullen – The Cullens)

@PeterFacinelli – PETER FACINELLI (Carlisle Cullen – The Cullens)

@Billy_Burke – BILLY BURKE (Charlie Swan – The Humans)

@AnnaKendrick47 – ANNA KENDRICK (Jessica Stanley – The Humans)

@JustinChon – JUSTIN CHON (Eric Yorkie – The Humans)

@CSerratos – CHRISTIAN SERRATOS (Angela Weber – The Humans)

@MichaelWelchAct – MICHAEL WELCH (Mike Newton – The Humans)

@TheRealChaske – CHASKE SPENCER (Sam Uley – Wolfpack)

@TheAlexMeraz – ALEX MERAZ (Paul – Wolfpack)

@CircaKiGordon – KIOWA GORDON (Embry Call – Wolfpack)

@TysonHouseman – TYSON HOUSEMAN (Quil Ateara – Wolfpack)

@GilBirmingham – GIL BIRMINGHAM (Billy Black – Wolfpack/Human)

@TinselKorey – TINSEL KOREY (Emily Young – Wolfpack/Human)

@MammaRazzi1 – BOOBOO STEWART (Seth Clearwater – Wolfpack)

@RachelleLefevre – RACHELLE LEFEVRE (Victoria – Bad Nomads)

@IamEdiGathegi – EDI GATHEGI (Laurent – Bad Nomads)

@MichaelSheen – MICHAEL SHEEN (Aro – Volturi)

@CameronBright – CAMERON BRIGHT (Alec – Volturi)

@JamieBower – JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER (Caius – Volturi)

@Alchemission – CHARLIE BEWLEY (Demetri – Volturi)

@DanielCudmore – DANIEL CUDMORE (Felix – Volturi)

@JodelleMicah – JODELLE FERLAND (Bree Tanner, Newborns)

@LisaHowardNYC – LISA HOWARD (Siobhan – Irish Coven)

@MarlaneBarnes – MARLANE BARNES (Maggie – Irish Coven)

@MiaMaestro – MIA MAESTRO (Carmen – Denali Coven)

@JudiShekoni – JUDI SHEKONI (Zafrina – Amazon Coven)

@AGabrielTweet – ANDREA GABRIEL (Kebi – Egyptian Coven)

@AngelaSarafyan – ANGELA SARAFYAN (Tia – Egyptian Coven)

♥NEWEST (Breaking Dawn) ADDITIONS:

@GuriWeinberg – GURI WEINBERG (Stefan – Romanian Coven)

@ValorieCurry – VALORIE CURRY (Charlotte – American Nomads

@ErikOdom – ERIK ODOM (Peter – American Nomads)

@TheOlgaFonda – OLGA FONDA (Breaking Dawn Supporting Castmate)

@AmadouLy – AMADOU LY (Breaking Dawn Supporting Castmate)

@JanelleFro – JANELLE FROEHLICH (Breaking Dawn Supporting Castmate)



Eclipse Trailer Detail Tweets!

The official Twilight Twitter has been Tweeting details about the new and final Eclipse trailer:

It’s so exciting to hear they will have the trailer online so fast too! Can’t wait, can’t wait can’t wait!! We are so close to finally seeing the movie, too. I’m way more excited for Eclipse than I was New Moon… :)



New Moon Runtime Clarification!

"Official Twilight Twitter"

This above message was just Tweeted from the Official Twilight Twitter. I have never posted any news regarding this in the past because I wanted to 100% make sure it was confirmed – so here it is. The official (actual) runtime of the movie itself. XO



New Moon Soundtrack News!

The official Twilight Twitter has announced the above statement regarding the New Moon Movie Soundtrack.




Official Twilight Twitter Account!!

There is now an official Twilight Twitter account which you can follow HERE!

The above photo is of New Moon director Chris Weitz at the sound mixing stage! Also, here is the first Tweet that came from the official Twilight Twitter from Chris Weitz:

Thanks to everyone who emailed this into me and Tweeted it! XO