Twilight vs. Harry Potter: Team Laurent or Team Bellatrix?

Vote for your favorite sinister sidekick in E! Online’s Twi-Potter Tournament!

Laurent: This vampire isn’t like the Cullen gang—he loves feasting on blood. Teaming up with Victoria and James,Laurent (Edi Gathegi) kills a few people in Forks before leaving because he doesn’t want to go against the Cullens. Later he returns to Victoria’s side, begins spying on Bella and almost kills her.

Bellatrix Lestrange: Helena Bonham Carter completely losses herself in this sadistic witch. Bellatrix is Voldemort’s most devoted follower and has no problem killing anyone who gets her master’s way. She was sent to Azkaban after torturing Neville Longbottom’s parents, but escapes and returns to Voldemort’s side with a vengeance.

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Stars Weigh in on ‘Twilight’ vs. ‘Harry Potter’ As They Face Off at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter are set to face off at the 2011 MTV Movie awards and stars weigh in on their faovrite of the two.

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Twilight vs. Harry Potter: The Ultimate Debate With Fan Site Owners!

The awesome people from Movifone just sent over this ultimate debate they held between two fan site owners who argue: ‘Twilight vs. Harry Potter?’ Laura from Twilight Lexicon and Andrew from Mugglenet duked it out and in the end, of course, only one franchise won… but which one? Watch and find out!

*cough Twilight won in case you didn’t want to watch the entire video cough*

♥ Still want YOUR say on this debate? Head over to the Moviefone comments here and join the heated battle that is waging on between viewers of the video debate!

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