Iam Somerhalder Says “Sex” Seperates ‘Twilight’ & The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries was in NYC yesterday to attend Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male bash and very briefly summed up what he thinks separates The Vampire Diaries from Twilight.




Catherine Hardwicke & Shiloh Fernandez talk about Robert Pattinson

Catherine Hardwicke and Shiloh Fernandez spoke with MTV recently while promoting ‘Red Riding Hood’ and both chatted a little about Twilight, Rob and Kristen:

Catherine Hardwicke talks about the Twilight Audition Tape below:

Shiloh Fernandez sets the record straight on his comments about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:

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Shiloh Fernandez Talks ‘Twilight,’ Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene to Interview Magazine!

Shiloh Fernandez is the star of Catherine Hardwicke’s new film, ‘Red Riding Hood,’ but a lot of you have already heard of him before because he was almost cast as Edward Cullen in Twilight. In his new interview with Interview Magazine, Shiloh talks Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and his film ‘Skateland’ (which he starred alongside Ashley).

JACOBS: How close were you to getting the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight?

FERNANDEZ: You’ll have to ask Catherine. It appears that I was closer than I maybe remember. I did have a screen test and signed contracts and all that. But the thing that came out of it, whether I was second runner-up or not, was that Catherine and I liked each other, and she was gracious enough to keep me in mind for other things. I really don’t know how close I was to getting the part in Twilight. Did I want the part? I did. But I don’t think I was right or ready for it. And I don’t think anybody knew that it was going to be what it’s turned out to be. When Riding Hood came along, I thought it was a much better fit.

JACOBS: Is it strange to consider Robert Pattinson’s life? How that madness could have been yours?

FERNANDEZ: I don’t think it ever could have been mine. I think it would have been really, really bad for me. He seems like a really neat guy who’s handled himself amazingly well. I’m very grateful at this point that I didn’t get it. I remember when my agent called to tell me I didn’t get it. And then the next day I had an audition for something else. [laughs] When it came out, I was doing a movie with Ashley Greene, who’s in Twilight, and we went to the movies and watched it. It is a funny experience but I can’t say that it was one of the movies I was heartbroken over not getting.

JACOBS: What’s your role in Skateland?

FERNANDEZ: I really like that movie. That was the last movie I did before Red Riding Hood. It really spoke to me because it’s about this kid from a small town who’s not ready to make any decisions about life. And I think that that’s probably where I was, and if I hadn’t been forced to go to college, I might have stayed in Ukiah as a dishwasher at this Italian restaurant, Mario’s, where I worked all through high school, and not really made a whole lot of decisions for myself. It’s about a kid who goes through that exact same thing, you know? He’s kind of settled in his routine when a series of events takes place and he has the power to move on. It’s worth it for him to go out in the world and try to succeed outside of what’s comfortable for him.

You can read this entire interview HERE!

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Oscar’s Producer Says Their Twilight Surprise Will “Blow People’s Minds”

In a new interview with Ryan Secrest, Oscar’s producer Bruce Cohen confirms that the Twilight trio will not be in attendance, but reveals that: “Robert, Taylor and Kristen will not be on the show, but the next best thing will happen and it’s going to blow people’s minds.”

The Twi-talk starts at the 4:30 mark on the audio track below:

So he mentioned it’s something like CGI, which could mean it has something to do with Mackenzie Foy (aka Renesmee Cullen). Any other new guesses? *SO EXCITED*

If you missed the first post we made about this Twilight Oscar’s surprise, you can click here to watch!

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Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Twilight’ vs. ‘Red Riding Hood’

In a new interview that Amanda Seyfried did for Interview Magazine she is asked about the comparison’s between Twilight and her film, Red Riding Hood. This is a celebrity-on-celebrity interview and Justin Timberlake is asking the questions:

TIMBERLAKE: It seems like a lot of people are comparing Red Riding Hood to the Twilight series. How does that make you feel?

SEYFRIED: I think it’s hard not to compare Red Riding Hood because Catherine [Hardwicke] directed the first Twilight. But Red Riding Hood is a very different film. I mean, yeah, there’s a love triangle, and people can easily compare the relationship between Kristen Stewart and those two guys in Twilight to the Valerie, Henry, and Peter characters in this movie, but we have so many elements that make it completely different. Nobody knows who the wolf is in our movie. And we’ve modernized the story and added so many levels to it and created our own story around the iconic center, which is the girl in the woods who talks to the wolf, and has a great relationship with her grandmother, and all those symbols. But we obviously had to take the story to a whole other level in order to make it a full-length film, so that’s what we did.

TIMBERLAKE: But I would imagine that it’s hard to do something like a Little Red Riding Hood adaptation because that story could be interpreted in so many different ways.

SEYFRIED: I know, and what we’ve done is just one way. We’re just telling a story—our version of the story. It’s not everybody’s version of the story, but it’s the way we wanted to make it, and therefore, there it is. If you don’t like it, then tough. [laughs] Plus, Twilight doesn’t have Gary Oldman, now does it?

You can read this entire interview here!

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Oscars Producer Says There Will Be a Surprise For ‘Twilight’ Fans at 83rd Academy Awards!

Bruce Cohen reveals in the video below that there will be a surprise for Twilight fans at The 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday. It comes in at about 2:10. :-o This is sooo exciting! Any guesses?

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PopSugar: Best Movie Kisses (Includes Twilight)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Popsugar put together a video of 30 Best Movie Kisses and included Edward and Bella! This is so cute. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I love that Notebook kiss so much too…

Thank you Jamie!



Obsessed Fans: Harry Potter vs. Twilight?

Check out Kevin Avery’s new web series video “Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight,” which includes one of the girls from Letters To Twilight as a Twilight expert debater! I think this debate would be best if they took people who were obsessed with BOTH, then had them pick which one would be their favorite in the end. ;)

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Twilight Mention on ‘Parks and Recreation’ Episode

There was a Twilight & Stephenie Meyer mention on a new episode of Parks & Recreation!

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‘Twilight’ Mentioned in ‘Easy A’

There was a tiny Twilight mention in the movie ‘Easy A’ staring Emma Stone. I was watching this the other night and couldn’t help but think, “they add some sort of Twilight reference to nearly everything these days. ” lol.

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