Jamie Campbell Bower Q & A Twitter Take Over!

Breaking Dawn movie’s Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) took over Twitter to answer fan questions!

Good afternoon everyone. Ready and waiting to take your questions

@milenaarmstrong What is your fave scene of BD?

I’m looking forward to seeing the birth scene

@JamieBowerLife How did you feel about wearing so much make up?

Strangely comfortable

@CathKa Fave song of all time & fave band?

Vaughan Williams 5th & LSO

@bexatkinson1 What’s the best thing about playing a vampire?

The false sense of power

@pinkbh2005 One place you’ve never been but would like to go?


@beau_boogaart are you still doing anything with the darling buds?

Yes – expect something soon

@felinavamp Will you do all your stunts in City of Bones?

If they let me

@beau_boogaart Have you changed much since Sweeney Todd?

Only my underwear

@JennSelby What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Filming The Mortal Instruments and the final Twilight film

@iWantLautner Are you Team Jacob/Team Edward/Team Caius?

I’m Team Jamie

@StelinaStewart: What would be your dream role?

I’d love to play Kurt Cobain in a film
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Nikki Reed Officially on Twitter

Ladies and gents, Nikki Reed is officially on Twitter. Click here to go give her a follow and a warm welcome!



Jackson Confirms Twitter/Facebook & Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’

So I stepped away from the computer for an hour or so and when I come back, Jackson Rathbone suddenly has a Twitter, lol! Yep, Mr. Rathbone himself is now officially a Tweeter! You can follow him HERE. He also talks about Breaking Dawn and his music a little. Check it out:

Source via Jackson–Rathbone



Jackson Rathbone Confirms He DOES NOT Have a Twitter!

I know some of you think you’re following Jackson Rathbone on Twitter, or maybe even Facebook. So, to clear things up, here is Jackson Rathbone himself confirming her doesn’t have his own Twitter account. (They have one for their band, 100 Monkeys here but it’s not Jackson himself running it)

[Thanks to Gossip_Dance]



Robert Pattinson Tweeted a “Thank You” To Fans!

Robert Pattinson Tweeted the following to his fans through the official Twilight Twitter:



Katy Perry Tweets About “Vampires” (cough ROB cough)

So this was Katy Perry’s way of clearing up any rumors that were circulating about her and Robert Pattinson after they were photographed leaving a mutual friends Birthday together the other night. You can follow Katy Perry on Twitter here if you’d like!



Jamie Tweets A New Photo!

"Jamie Campbell Bower"

This photo was just Tweeted of Jamie Campbell Bower with an award. Right before this pic went up Jamie Tweeted this:

Me and koolhoven just picked up an award at the rome film festival for winter in wartime. Well chuffed. Thanks to the kids who voted. X x”

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Alex Meraz is on Twitter!

"Alex Meraz On Twitter"

Looks like we have another official Twitter account! You can click here to follow Alex Meraz!




Justin Chon with the Twilight Hand Model!

Justin Chon Tweeted about his run in witht he Twilight hand model! He ran into her in Orlando at Comic-Con!

♥HUGE thank-you to Kassandra for sending this in to me!♥

P.S. Sorry about the late start with the news today… I had a looooong day yesterday, lol!



ROB Tweets from Peter’s Twitter Account!!!

robert pattinson's tweet robert pattinson tweets form peter facinelli's account

Peter Facinelli promised everyone that if he reached 1 Million followers on Twitter that he would get Rob or Taylor to tweet something for us. Well, Peter reached his goal and Rob gave us all a quick Tweet!

♥Thank you sooo much Kassandra & Alison for letting me know!♥

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