Watch Bella Transform Into a Vampire While Listening to ‘Bella Reborn’ by Carter Burwell

She’s so beautiful at the end! Cannot wait to see vamp-Bella in Breaking Dawn part 2!



Twi-Talent: AWESOME Vampire Bella!!!

"Vampire Bella Breaking Dawn"

This is the most amazing vampire Bella I have seen! So beautiful and exactly how I picture her after the change! See this in full size at JessMindless‘s page! (click photo to enlarge when you’re there).

Edit: Oh goodness, here is another that left me breathless. These are INCREDIBLE!!

"Vampire Bella Breaking Dawn"

See this one in full size at Andarana‘s page!



Another great ‘Breaking Dawn’ Bella Manip!

"Breaking Dawn Bella"

You might remember me posting a manipulation a couple of days ago of vampire Bella – and if not you can check it out HERE! Well, a BellasDiary.Com reader named Sarah saw it and wanted to try another one using a different photo. I think she did an amazing job!!! Seeing all the great manips gets me soooo excited to see Bella as a vampire :)

What about you guys? Are you more excited for the Eclipse movie or the Breaking Dawn movie? Let me know via my Twitter HERE!

Thank you so much for sending this in Sarah. You did a wonderful job!!



Twi-Talent:Vampire Bella Manip! So Good!!!!

"Bella as a vampire"

This is definitely one of my favorite Bella Cullen manipulations! The porcelain skin and dark around the eyes are perfect! This is just awesome and gets me anxious for Breaking Dawn :)