Edward Cullen (Twilight) & Stefan Salvatore (Vampire Diaries): Too Similar?

I couldn’t help myself. I think a lot when it’s late – and noticed the above picture of Stefan Salvatore (from CW’s The Vampire Diaries) while Googling stuff and HAD to put it next to a photo of Edward Cullen. The similarities are striking, no? My question is: Is this just really good marketing? Does the CW want to purposely make us think of Edward Cullen when we see Stefan Salvatore so that we will instantly fall in love, not realizing it’s because he reminds us so much of Edward? Subliminal Marketing at it’s finest perhaps.

I think there’s room for both, though. I don’t mind the Vampire Diariesit’s no Twilight Saga, but it beats watching “Cribs” reruns. To be honest, I watch TV maybe once a week and had to YouTube Vampire Diaries to see it, and I don’t actually watch “Cribs” reruns – but you get my drift. I think that anyone visiting this site can agree that Elena Gilbert’s diary has nothing on Bella Cullen’s diary though! ;)


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