Meagan’s Vampire Fragrance Review

Hey everyone. Just a quick note: I reviewed this perfume on May 11th, but thought it would be cool to have Meagan (the writer of Jacob’s Diary) also review this fragrance so that you could have a second opinion. She got her perfume today and here is her review for you all. Thanks Meagan:


Unlike other boxes things come in, I know I won’t throw away the box the perfume came in. It has a delicate, sophisticated look, and I think the box is just gorgeous. There are a couple of quotes also, and they really describe the essence of the fragrance, but keeping a bit of mystery there. My favorite part of it is how the box slides smoothly open, and it puts a feeling of anxiety in me to smell the scent of a vampire.


Me being me, I was extremely anxious to smell the new Vampire Fantasies perfume. As soon as I got it, I opened it, and sprayed some on my wrist as quickly as I could. This fragrance does not disappoint. Unlike other perfumes, this smell has a deeper scent. More complex than others. I smelled even more deeply, and realized that if I were to meet a vampire, this would be what it would smell like. It isn’t harsh, it’s more like a soft, but strong scent. It has a sweet smell to it, and it reminds me of honeysuckle and lilac. Every time I bring my wrist to my nose to smell it, I have the image of an immortal in the back of my mind. This fragrance is irresistible, and enchanting, just like a vampire would be. Some vampires may have the power of mind control, but if they smell like this, then they don’t even have to ask to suck my blood. This scent made me have an air of confidence, and I knew I smelled good. Every man that I passed, I felt like I could lure them in with my smell. Ladies, if you want to feel seductive, then I suggest this perfume. This has a flirtatious scent, but at the same time, it was very sensual and luscious. This scent swept me off my feet, without being to strong. Unlike other perfumes that give you headaches, and are just way too strong, this fragrance was soft, but still strong enough for you to smell it’s fascinating scent.


I put this perfume on when it came in the mail, and I instantly smelled it’s sweet scent. Throughout the errands I have run, it hasn’t faded at all. Unless you take a shower right after you put it on, you’ll smell immortal all day. I love perfumes, and when their scent starts to fade throughout the day, I have to spray a bit more on there to keep the scent going. With this perfume, I know I won’t have that problem. It is like a vampire, you can smell it’s presence, but if you wait too long, it might be gone in a gust of wind. I could tell everyone I walked by could smell the scent faintly, and I knew they were entranced by the unusual, lovely scent, hours after I applied it.

Guy’s Opinion:

So, I drove all the way to my brother’s, and had lunch with him. I then decided to ask him to smell the fragrance, knowing you might want a man’s opinion on it. I didn’t show him the box, because he’s not fond of vampires. He smelled it, and his response was, “Mmm, that smells nice. I wish Kate (his girlfriend) would wear that. Where did you get it?” I told him about this review I’m doing, and showed him the box. He laughed, and told me he wanted a box for Kate, which surprised me, because my brother revolts from vampires. This shows how nice the scent really is, considering my doorknob of a brother liked it. ;)

Last Note:

As you can see, I have fallen in love with this scent. It is amazing, and has the true essence of a immortal. I like seeing the dreamy looks on people’s faces when they catch a whiff, and I’m sure you will to. If you have a special someone, and you want to catch their attention, then this perfume is the best way to go. This perfume is delicious. Wearing this scent, I feel like a true vampire.

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