This Weeks Vampireology Book Giveaway Winner is…

First of all, I’m sorry I’m late announcing this. I have been so insanely busy today…. *deep breath* AND THE WINNERS ARE:

1. Freya who made the lovely Bella’s Diary trailer below! She also sent in this adorable joke:

Jane (to edward)- “pain”
Edward- “arrrgghhhheeeoooooooargh”
Jane (to alice)- “pain”
Alice- “arrrgghhhheeeoooooooargh”
Jane (to bella)- “pain”
Bella- *bitch face*

2. Kiley Long who submitted a bunch of her diary entries from Alice Cullens POV! She covered everything from New Moon to Breaking Dawn! If you would like yo read the entries she submitted CLICK HERE!

I’m putting them under a cut because there’s a lot and it might slow down the front page if I paste it right here. I loved reading her entries though and think you will too!

Winners, please send your complete shipping addresses to

I will be sending you both confirmation emails shortly after posting this to make sure you know you’ve won!

Winners have Five (5) days to get back with their mailing addresses before a new winner will  be chosen.

Will be announcing the LAST weeks Vampireology giveaway details shortly! Stay Tuned…