USA Weekend Covers Robert Pattinson

USA Weekend has everyone’s favorite vampire on the cover of their newest issue. Here is the article:

Biting off more than he can chew?

Bela Lugosi never had to deal with hordes of screaming teenage girls like Robert Pattinson does.

But that’s just the appeal of Edward Cullen, the brooding vampire Pattinson plays onscreen and the love interest in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” book series. Last fall’s “Twilight” movie began the love affair between Edward and the shy human girl Bella (Kristen Stewart); the sequel, “New Moon,” out Nov. 20, finds Edward banishing himself from Bella’s life.

To get a modern image of a vampire, Pattinson initially watched movies such as “Interview With the Vampire” and “Blade.” But he really discovered who Edward was by researching outcast roles not involving the undead. “Rebel Without a Cause was a big influence on the first ["Twilight" film] — it influenced the hairdo and stuff,” Pattinson says, laughing. “In lots of ways, it has a very similar character arc: An everyday girl brings this relatively strange individual out of his slump.”

A James Dean type — that is, Pattinson — always attracts teenage girls in flocks. “It’s like The Birds, with teenage girls,” says “New Moon” director Chris Weitz. “You turn around, and there would be a line of girls standing there.”

Pattinson, 23, a native of London, takes all the swooning over his lanky, 6-foot-tall frame and wildly styled hair in stride. “I’m not entirely sure what it is,” he says. “I’ll probably realize afterward how I could have controlled it a little bit more. But I am still like a deer in headlights.”

And there’s the fact that many haven’t yet separated Pattinson the actor from Edward the vampire. “Right at the beginning, everyone just called me Edward,” he says. “I don’t really mind either way. There’s something about that character that, for some reason, has sparked an interest in massive degrees in so many different people.

“If you want to compete with your own character, you have to really fight. I don’t know if I could be bothered to fight,” he says, chuckling again. “I just let it go by.”

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PopSugar Rush Part 2: 6 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Vampires!

I’ve been really enjoying this Vampire special! In case you somehow missed Part 1 CLICK HERE to watch before Part 2! Also, they’ve added the following video which covers a little bit of Taylor Lautner at his Rolling Stone shoot:

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Six Reasons You Can’t Live Without Vampires!

Check this video out! Six reasons why we can’t live without Vampires! This is fun – and made me think that vampires are pretty much taking over. :) I loved the fashion part of this….

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Werewolves and Vampires on Eclipse set

Check out these pictures of the vampires (Alec & Demetri) in full costume on the Eclipse movie set!!! And then there are some shirtless wolves. A little something for everyone… enjoy!

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*NEW* Official New Moon Posters!

"Official New Moon Movie Poster" "Official New Moon Movie Poster" "Official New Moon Movie Poster"

Brand new OFFICIAL New Moon posters for your viewing pleasure! What do you think of these? Let me know via the Bella’s Diary Official Twitter!

Edward’s hand in the top one is weird. Long and skinny like it’s described in the books though. :)


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Edward Cullen made the FORBES Hollywood’s 10 Most Powerful Vampires list!

Forbes most powerful vampires, Edward Cullen

Our favorite vampire, Edward Cullen, made Forbes’ top 10 list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful Vampires. He came in at number 5! Here’s what Forbes had to say:

5. Edward Cullen

As the love interest of Bella Swan in the commercially successful Twilight film, Edward Cullen plays a permanently 17-year-old vampire. The Summit Entertainment movie, which is the first of three planned, became a sensation. It reaped $191 million at the domestic box office, marking the first big success of independent film studio Summit Entertainment

Read about all 10 here!



Edi Gathegi discusses being in his last Twilight Saga film, New Moon.

MTV has an article with Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent in the Twilight movies,where he talks about New Moon being his final Twilight film:

“The 30-year-old spent about three weeks on the “New Moon” set and was met with a few happy changes from the first film. For one, the cloudy red contact lenses used to give the vampires their signature scarlet stares were replaced with sleeker models more closely resembling regular contacts. For another, Gathegi finally got to wear shoes. “God bless Chris Weitz,” he said. “In ‘Twilight’ we didn’t have shoes, because in the book they don’t have shoes — you know, nomadic vampires don’t have shoes. And I was cold, I was froze to death! But Chris was like, ‘Well, wear shoes.’ ”

When asked whether his character’s penultimate showdown was more of a fight or a chase, Gathegi remained mostly mum, but did concede that it was hard acting with something that wasn’t there. “We basically acted with a man holding a piece of cardboard shaped like a cow. So when you see the movie, look at my eyes and [decide], is he seeing a cow or is he seeing a wolf?”

Though that scene will be Gathegi’s last as vampire Laurent, he said he can’t be too upset about not returning to the saga. “Honestly, perspective. I’m happy I’m in ‘Twilight.’ I’m happy I made it to ‘New Moon.’ Things could be worse.”

He did admit one regret: never getting to sparkle in the sun.

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Meet Marcus from the Volturi!

Out of all the pictures so far, this one creeps me out the most. At he same time, I love it!

Full Name: Marcus
Status: Vampire
Group: Volturi Coven
Date of Birth: Around 1300 BC
Date of Transformation: Unknown

Special Abilities: He sees the strength of the relationships between people  “You already know what you’ll do, Aro.”

Read more about Marcus here



And my favorite hottie Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius!

He’s gorgeous as a vampire, and as a human. I love this – check out those cheekbones!

“Caius was born around 1300 BC, though the date of his transformation and his special powers are unknown. But we do know that he really, really wants to kill Bella, Edward, and Alice. And we’re not going to lie, he looks pretty good for a 3,300-year-old.”

source via Twilight Lexicon!



Robert’s hair explained plus Robert tries to win Kristen’s heart!

While I was browsing YouTube for Robert Pattinson videos (it’s 2:30am, I’m bored) I came across these two HILARIOUS videos that are sure to make you smile and maybe even help you get through the whole New Moon waiting, withdrawal, addiction, rehab thing. Under 3 months now people, deep breathes – we can do it!

videos by DateRobertPattinson!

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