Peter Facinelli Says ‘Thank You’… plus pics from meet and greet!

Yesterday Peter Facinelli Tweeted a ‘Thank You’ to everyone who attended the Red Cross Blood Drive! Also, a reader was sweet enough to send us some pictures from Peter’s visit to the the Pembroke Mall, Virginia Beach, VA Meet and Greet!

All these pics are incredible. What Peter does with his spare time (helping charities) is incredible, too! Peter, I think we all owe YOU a ‘thank you’ for using your name for good!

Thank you sooo much to Alice G. for the beautiful pictures! XO



Vampire Kiss Montage From Twilight: For those who haven’t seen it

I don’t know if only a select few of the Twilight DVD Extra’s came with this footage or not? But for some reason I’ve never seen this before (and trust me, I’ve watched my DVD over and over… never saw this).  I once saw the clip of Edward biting Bella, but never the Carlisle parts. Weird. Either way, I’m posting this for the others who haven’t seen it!

Thanks TwiGossipGirl!



New EW Portrait From Comic-Con!

Oh I absolutely love this one. The way Taylor (Jacob Black) is looking At Kristen Stewart (Bella) while she laughs with RPattz (Edward) and Ashley Greene (Alice) watched Taylor Lautner! Love Ashleys dress, too!




World Of Twilight: Now 100% Completed!

The World Of Twilight: Official Site is now 100% completed! It’s pretty incredible, too. We told you about the launch of the official New Moon Movie website – but ‘The World Of Twilight’ section was not finished at that time. Now you can go – and explore! Get some widgets, wallpapers & more!!! Visit The World of Twilight now Twi-Hards!




Entertainment Weekly Vamp’ Issue Now Available!

The newest edition of Entertainment Weekly is all about the vampires!! “You’ll find interviews with the authors behind Twilight and True Blood, our list of the 20 greatest bloodsuckers ever, and Anne Rice’s pick for the best new vampire — as well as a talk with her about how she revolutionized the vampire legend decades ago with Interview with a Vampire” says Entertainment Weekly!

This vampire issues hit newsstands today (July 31st)!!!



Another Amazing Fan-Made New Moon Poster!

Ummm, WOW?! I love this one sooo much. Amazing. I can’t believe how good and real these fan made posters look. The artist who made this poster, also has a ton more art work. My favorites are her Retro Twilight Posters! Check them all out here! Wow, retro Edward and retro Caius are hot!





Dear Diary (Venom & Blood)

Q: If the vampires don’t have blood, then where did it go?  Did it just dry up?  Evaporate?  Or were they nearly drained of it by the one who changed them?

Stephenie Meyer: The blood left in a newborn vampire’s body is used–burned like fuel, the same way the blood they drink from others is used for fuel.  Here’s an analogy: think of it as the fat stores in your body.  You’re still eating, but you use those fat stores up, too, over time (though not always; more’s the pity, so the analogy isn’t perfect unless you are successfully dieting).  That blood left in them is used slowly over about a year.

Quote from Twilight Lexicon’s personal correspondence with Stephenie Meyer.


Dear Diary,

We just had one of the largest thunderstorms in Forks history. It’s almost always rainy here, constantly pouring down like slop from a bucket, but this was louder and stronger than anything I’ve ever seen or heard, ever. The ominous black clouds lingered over the tiny town of Forks, making it feel like twilight, even in the middle of the afternoon. The lightening crashed and crackled—it could have easily drowned out the sound of even the most intense game of vampire baseball.

We plan on playing baseball tomorrow, in the clearing. My first game of vampire baseball since becoming one of them. I can’t wait.  The storm is supposed to last days, tapering off gradually at times. The streets are already flooded, delivering a lot of wet basements to the good people of Forks. I think we’re the only ones in this town who can truly appreciate a storm. It’s like freedom to us. Freedom to venture out without the fear of the sun causing our skin to sparkle like embedded diamonds, giving away that we are different.

It will be Charlie’s first game of vampire baseball. His bright, blood-red eyes lit up when the thunder started rolling. He had been waiting for a storm big and loud enough to conceal the intense cracking sounds of a baseball game played by a bunch of rock-like, exceedingly strong vampires. I have a feeling Charlie is going to be one of the best players. Baseball is in his blood, or was.

Carlisle is still struggling to understand Charlie’s eyes. Unlike humans, he can’t just cut Charlie open and do an experiment. He has, however, discovered something strange. Something he’s never seen or heard of before.

While Nessie was resting on Charlie’s chest the other day, she started to say something, that, at the time I thought was in a different language. “Thumpbump. Thumpbump.” The sound was calming her, causing her big eyes to slowly droop shut, though she tried to fight it. Charlie looked at Nessie like she was a crazy alien child, concern gradually flooding his face.

Edward picked Nessie up and placed her in her bed, then called Carlisle over to the cabin. Edward pressed his ear to Charlie’s chest and heard the same weak, feeble, almost imperceptible beat.

“What. You think I have a heart beat or something?” Charlie smiled, but it didn’t touch his eyes.

I could see the concern behind his expression, and didn’t want him to worry, so I quickly joked back. “Yeah Dad, looks like your heart was just so big there was no stopping it.”

Carlisle was at the cabin almost instantly, and had his ear pressed into Charlie’s chest before he even spoke a single word. Edward and I waited silently, my eyes dancing between Charlie and Carlisle. I didn’t understand the calm look on Carlisle’s face. I hoped his calmness meant that nothing was wrong with Charlie, or that Carlisle had a better understanding of what was happening.

Edward pulled me into his chest, cupping his hand onto the ball of my shoulder, then he kissed the top of my head softly, not taking his eyes off of Carlisle. I couldn’t take the silence anymore.

“Carlisle, is everything okay, or..?” It came out more bitter than I intended it to.

Carlisle looked up at me, then shot a knowing glance in Edward’s direction. He knew Edward could read his thoughts. I jerked away from Edward and demanded he tell me what Carlisle was thinking.

As Edward was about to speak, Carlisle interrupted. “I really don’t understand it. Every so often I hear a light, almost undetectable beat. Even with my heightened hearing, it’s still extremely vague. They aren’t timed, either. It almost seems as though you can hear each beat getting weaker and weaker, just slightly, though.” Carlisle was clearly confused, something I wasn’t used to.

In a very calculative fashion, Carlisle started theorizing. He thinks it’s a mix of things. Charlie’s heart could have been too weak to push the venom through his entire system, which would eventually cause it to completely burn the veins and stop the heart in a normal transformation. However, because of Charlie’s weak heart, due to the bullet wound which was followed by surgery, Charlie doesn’t seem to have had a normal transformation.

Carlisle thinks Charlie’s age is a factor, too. He’s in his forties, which could also be another reason his heart didn’t push the venom through his system properly. He was weaker than someone in their teens or twenties. Not everyone survives the change, either. Charlie is still considered lucky, we all are.

I don’t know a lot about medical stuff when it concerns vampires—they didn’t exactly teach us that in school, but Carlisle tried to explain it to me. I didn’t understand, at all, so Edward tried explaining it, too.

Basically, Carlisle concludes that Charlie had an aortic insufficiency. In aortic insufficiency, when the pressure in the left ventricle falls below the pressure in the aorta, the aortic valve is not able to completely close. This causes a leaking of blood from the aorta into the left ventricle. This means that some of the blood that was already ejected from the heart is regurgitating back into the heart. So when Charlie was bit, the venom couldn’t act effectively because his heart was regurgitating blood, and venom, not allowing the venom to flow through his veins at full pressure. If the venom was being regurgitated, it couldn’t flow throughout his body to completely kill it, like normal. When the venom would attack his heart, he would regurgitate more blood, not letting the venom to completely stop his heart or completely dry up his veins—which is also why his eyes are still so red.

Unlike most newborns, he isn’t burning his human blood as fast because his heart is still slowly, faintly pumping. His eyes will remain red, forever.

Otherwise, nothing else is different. Charlie is still inhumanly strong, he still craves blood, he’s fast, and there’s a chance his heart will eventually completely stop due to lack of activity. A small chance, but it could happen.

The small amount of blood in Charlie’s system won’t cause our throats to burn, either. Similarly to how we cannot smell human blood on non-vegetarian vampires, and how newborn vampires who still have some human blood flowing through them don’t cause us to become thirsty.

Carlisle assured me and Charlie that there’s nothing to worry about, except for maybe the fact that Charlie will always be a little stronger than the rest of us. I can live with that, though. We’re playing vampire baseball tomorrow, I already reserved a spot on my team for Charlie. I guess, technically, baseball is still in his blood.

I’ll let you know how the game went in my next entry.


Here is another description of the “conversion” process as described by Stephenie Meyer:

Q: If someone’s bitten with loads of venom right by the heart, how quick is the conversion and is it more painful than a regular conversion? Were some of the Cullen’s transformations worse than others?

A: About the conversion process… If there is a lot of venom in the human’s system, the pain is more intense to begin with. Like fire, the venom burns through the body. So, with fire in more places, there is more pain at the outset. When Bella was bitten by James, the fire was only in her hand. Painful enough, but not as bad as if she had several bites. Of course, this is only at the outset. If James’ venom had been allowed to spread through Bella, it would have over time made its way through her whole system, and the pain eventually would have been just as intense as if she’d been deliberately infected with multiple, well-placed bites (jugular, wrists, ankles, etc.). So, all that early pain as the venom wound through her system is extra–an added portion of pain that doesn’t in anyway cut down the time or the intensity of the greater pain. The greatest pain begins when the venom is all the way through the body, through the heart, and it starts meeting itself in the veins again and then burning them dry. It moves slower than blood because it’s thicker. Each beat of the heart can only push it so far. The changing/burning process is slow. The venom has to leak through to every cell before it ends. It took Carlisle a little more than three days because his bites were not deliberate or well-placed. It can be as short as two.

EDIT: Looking for a new dark love story to read? I have written a novella called, ‘My Darrling.’ (This is not the Willow series I’ve been working on, rather it’s a small side project.). You can read a preview and purchase ‘My Darrling’ here!




Why Are Females So Obsessed With The Vampires Of ‘Twilight’ & ‘True Blood’?

MTV has a great article with a list of reasons why females are so in love with the vampires of ‘Twilight’ & ‘True Blood.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Newsweek spoke with psychologists, authors and gals like you and me to get to the bottom of our desire for the undead and, not surprisingly, the answers were as varied as the fanged-ones we love.

Edward Cullen (above, far left) is practically the perfect boyfriend. He’s a kind-hearted musician. A granite-bodied heartthrob. A chivalrous protector. And a deadly killer capable of stopping your heart in .53 seconds flat. Yet, tweens, grandmothers and every woman in between inexplicably crave this dichotomous character.”

1. They’ve got skills
“It’s fang, penetration, ecstasy,” says Laurell K. Hamilton, bestselling author of the “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter” series. “Our readers know that vampire sex is somehow going to be the very best sex a woman has ever had.” I guess we’ll have to take her word on that one. Adds “Southern Vampire Mysteries” author Charlaine Harris (whose books were the inspiration for “True Blood”), it’s so enticing because “they’ve generally had centuries to practice.”

Be sure to read the rest at HERE! You will probably nod your head in agreement with every reason!




Top 5 Hottest Vampires Of All Time By Clever T.V!

ClevverTV added this video listing the Top 5 Hottest Vampires Of All Time! Robert (Edward Cullen) came in second place – and Brad Pitt first. Brad Pitt was a pretty hot vampire, however, I personally think RPattz makes the hottest vampire I’ve seen.




Dear Diary (Anger)

I could not help it. I was so angry at those horrible punks for putting my Dad through this. Having to see him so lifeless, laying in his hospital bed, unable to do anything… it hurt me so much.

The bullet had shifted a little closer to Charlie’s heart, and Carlisle confronted me with an option. His option? To turn Charlie. Even though I don’t need to breathe, I somehow felt out of breath, so confused, so… angry. I couldn’t believe it had come to this.

I… killed the criminals.

I hate that word, and I am so mad at myself right now, disgusted by my lack of self-control.

After Carlisle told me that Charlie might not make it – unless we tuned him into a vampire – I started to feel numb. I somehow felt boiling hot, like my face was burning up… like my chest was on fire.

I lied to Edward and told him I had to leave the hospital for a while because the smell of fresh blood throughout the building was causing my throat to burn. It wasn’t, though. I was actually tolerating the sweet aroma very well.

I told Edward I was just going to go back to Charlie’s house to gather my thoughts and get away from all the human scents. Where I really went, though, was to find the criminals. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I never put much thought into it. I just knew I wanted revenge for what Charlie was going through.

We had finally gotten a description of the men from witnesses. One was short and thin with black wavy hair down to his shoulders. The other was medium height with a medium build and shaggy brown hair covered by a baseball cap. They were seen driving back in the direction of Seattle in a black older-make SUV, later found out to be a 2000 Cadillac Escalade.

I had the license plate number too, thanks to a very helpful witness. I was off to Seattle, looking for the criminals while a heated anger surged through my body. I drove around aimlessly in my now like-new 1953 Chevrolet pickup truck. I tried to talk myself out of it, but the more I tried, the more I wanted to find them and rip them apart. Even the classical music that swam softly through my trucks’ speakers couldn’t help clear my mind of the masochistic thoughts.

Finally I saw it, the black SUV, parked outside of what looked like an abandoned old locksmith store. The faded, almost deteriorated sign read ‘Emergency Locksmith Services Available,’ and it was half hanging off of its place just above the door that had a ‘Closed’ sign in it.

I got out of my truck and tried to stay calm, remembering how much harm I could cause now, so easily. After numerous attempts at tapping on the glass, I began to bang quite hard, almost cracking the glass. Finally, a short dark haired man approached. I clenched my jaw and rolled fists instinctively. As soon as he opened the door I pushed him out of the way, careful not to use too much force.

The man fell hard to the ground and yelled some obscenities at me. I didn’t really hear much of what he said; my anger overcame me before I knew what was happening, like I had never thought possible. The witness report stated that the other man with the shaggy hair and baseball cap was the one who shot Charlie.

He was the one I was after.

He was standing there, right in the middle of the abandoned room with a confused taking over his face. Probably wondering how someone so small had the power to knock over a grown man with one swipe of my arm.

I wasn’t concerned with what he was thinking, though. At that point, I just kept seeing Charlie’s weak, pale face. And I kept hearing Carlisle’s voice telling me that Charlie might die, or have to be turned if the bullet shifted anymore.

My throat burned, but I didn’t want their blood.

I couldn’t stand the thought of having a criminals blood inside of me. What I wanted was to make them pay.

“I believe you shot my father,” I hissed. “Wrong move.”

Before I even had a second to think, I was holding the medium-built man by the throat. All I could say was ‘you shot my father’… then with one swift movement, I tossed him into the wooden rafters. The short black-haired man tried to sneak up from behind me, but I turned and before I knew it I had him in my arms and was effortlessly tossing him into the glass door at the front of the building.

Both men were bleeding and my throat burned as though someone touched a hot curling-iron to the soft flesh. My body was stiff; I felt like I was made of concrete, so solid and almost-indestructible.

I sprung effortlessly from the ground up to the wooden rafter and grabbed the shaggy-haired man by his head, then began to snap it – once to the right, then to the left. It was so easy for me. I had never felt the full extent of my power until then. I had never been an angry young vampire until Charlie got shot.

Even when the Volturi came, I was angry, but unsure of their intentions – which kept me steady. This was different. Someone I love actually did get hurt.

The man fell lifeless through the rafters and thudded to the ground. The short man was bleeding in a mess of glass, yet still managing to yell, ‘Who are you? You can’t be a human.’ Then he said something that made me completely lose any small bit of control I had left. ‘Your father deserved what he got, you’re a monster. He created a monster. He deserved it. Cops are monsters too!’

I narrowed my gaze to him, then flew down onto him, tearing his limbs apart, fast and in a malicious manner. I couldn’t control myself. For the first time since becoming a new vampire, I lost control.

I killed two humans. Two feeble, fragile humans.

I burned their bodies before I left, and tossed the remnants under the floor boards. I sat in my truck for a few minutes and thought. I didn’t feel guilty for killing the humans who harmed my father. I felt guilty for lying to Edward, and for putting our family in harm. The Volturi shouldn’t find out it was one of us who killed the two men, but I worried that someone saw me. What if someone knew I was more than a human? That I wasn’t normal.

Before I knew it, a yellow Porsche whipped around the corner and Edward flew out of the passenger side, with Alice not far behind, flouncing from the drivers side.


Alice saw me in her vision and told Edward. It wasn’t hard to figure out.

Edward opened my door and hugged me. I was afraid he would be mad, but all he said was, “I love you Bella. You need to know that what you did doesn’t make you a monster.”

Edward is the meaning of unconditional love. He loves me, no conditions, no questions. I told him that I didn’t think I was a monster for killing the men who harmed Charlie, but for lying to him. He assured me that he understood.

He knew how angry I was.

He also told me he was thinking of finding them himself, but Carlisle had talked him out of it and said he would take care of it himself, like he did the man who tried to attack me in Port Angeles.

We drove back to the hospital where the rest of the family was, keeping Charlie company. Carlisle was working, keeping everyone updated on Charlie’s condition. They were getting ready to operate. Carlisle wanted to know, before he operated, if I would approve of having Charlie turned should something go wrong.

I told him no.

This isn’t the life Charlie would want. He wouldn’t understand it. The simple things in life made Charlie happy – like fishing, steak and cobbler from the diner, watching me grow up, baseball and beer. He wouldn’t understand this life. Plus, I want to know that if he does go, that he will be up there, watching over me. Hopefully reserving a spot for my soul, should I leave this earth one day.

I’m going to go now. I’m heading back to the hospital to spend the night with Charlie. Pretending to fall asleep. Trying to look human. I will update you all on Charlie’s progress.

Keep Well.



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