Kellan Lutz at Venice Beach, CA (July 27)

Here are some new pics of Eclipse hottie Kellan Lutz at Venice Beach tossing around a football and drinking Vitamin Water. There is a small article accompanying these pics below:

“What does a vampire do on his day off? Here’s a hint . . . it involves the beach and a bottle of the red stuff

Venice beach, CA (July 27, 2010) – no, not THAT red stuff. Hunky Kellan Lutz takes a break from hunting werewolves to hit the beach where he traded quenching his thirst for blood by hydrating with a bottle of glacéau vitaminwater XXX –triple berry instead. yum.”

[Thank you KellanLutzOnline]



‘Eclipse’ Vitamin Water Commercial!!

A while ago Vitamin had a contest where they had fans call in to audition for the voice of their new Vitamin water commercial. They picked their winner and her name is Devon M. You get to hear her in the new ‘Eclipse’ Vitamin Water commercial (below).

[Thanks Beth. M! You're a Twi-RockStar]