The Wolf Pack Gets A New Cub In ‘Eclipse’ & Julia Jones Moves Ahead Of The Pack

Here are two new Eclipse wolf pack interview from Access Hollywood:



Behind the scenes of the ‘Eclipse’ wolfpack photoshoot for InStyle!

The Eclipse movie wolf pack actors did a photoshoot with InStyle recently (we showed you the outtakes here) and here is the behind the scene video:

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New Wolf Pack ‘Eclipse’ banner!

Here’s the ‘Eclipse‘ wolf pack banner!! Thank you to Team-Twilight! This banner was revealed exclusively to them :)

Eclipse Movie



Los Angeles TImes: The Twilight saga’s gang of shape-shifters is bringing sexy back to werewolves!

From the Los Angeles Times:

The 1950s gave us the Rat Pack. The ‘80s, the Brat Pack. These days, the Wolf Pack is roaming the film scene.

Although the “Twilight” franchise may have helped spur the vampire craze with the Cullen brood, the saga’s gang of shape-shifters is bringing sexy back to werewolves. And in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which hits theaters June 30, that’s no different.

“The Cullens are very reserved,” said Alex Meraz, who plays Wolf Pack member Paul. “They’re vampires, but they’re not out killing people. They’re not what they’re meant to be. Whereas the Wolf Pack, we’re through and through animals. We’re frisky. We’re fun. There’s something sexy about that.”

In the third installment of the franchise, the band of brotherly (and sisterly, as we’ll see) hirsute creatures joins forces with its rivals, the Cullens, after Seattle is plagued by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires.

But since their computer-generated alter egos seem to be getting most of the screen time, here’s a chance to get to know the actors pre-transformation:

Alex Meraz (Paul)

At 25, Meraz is still adjusting to the whirlwind that comes with being in a blockbuster franchise. But don’t be fooled. He’s not complaining.

“Bring it on,” he said. “I was working really hard before, and it just didn’t seem to pay off. I’m just really grateful for it all.”

Before he caught the acting “virus,” Meraz — who admitted his first viewing of “Twilight” was a bootleg version — demonstrated his artistic tendencies through dance, martial arts and painting. In fact, he still breaks out the paint and brushes to maintain his sanity through all the “Twilight” pandemonium.

But it’s that pandemonium that gets him amped when talking about the movie.

“The fans are going to love this film,” he said. “I didn’t get my chance to touch anybody in ‘New Moon.’ This time I go at it with Emmett [ Kellan Lutz]. I give him a nice bitch slap. But I’m in wolf form, so maybe it’s a big paw slap?

“Oh, and there’s a lot more action. It’s more Paul wolf. You’re going to see my wolf form doing a lot of stuff. You’ll just see me running around shirtless once and a while.”

o what of all those topless scenes?

“I have a newfound respect for women. I have to keep my figure. Girls are telling me to take my shirt off. It’s like, ‘Hello! I’m a person, too!’ “

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)

Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t the only new face to join the burgeoning ensemble cast. Jones will make her debut to the franchise as Leah Clearwater, the scorned and bitter sole female member of the Wolf Pack.

“She’s really a tough character,”
said Jones, 29. “She’s pretty angry about a lot of things that she has every right to be angry about. She’s miserable and lost and trying to cope internally without a lot of help. And she lashes out quite a bit.”

Jones may not be a household name just yet, having appeared in independent films and a few episodes of “ER,” but that will surely change for the Boston native come June. And for the woman who said she knew she wanted to be an actress after playing Michael Darling in a production of “Peter Pan” as a child, it’ll be a learning process.

“I don’t know,” Jones said. “I’m just trying to take it easy while I can. It’s going to be a new thing to figure out how to navigate this craze. I’m doing my best to prepare myself for all of it.”

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley)

Spencer reprises his role as werewolf Sam Uley, the sometimes disgruntled leader of the Wolf Pack.

Although Spencer hasn’t exactly gotten used to the global attention — “It’s cool, the recognition. But it’s work. I know how to keep my life private” — he said he doesn’t regret the decision to join the wildly popular franchise.

“There’s a lot more offers,” said Spencer, 35. “As an actor, that’s all you can hope for: more chances to keep it going.”

Spencer is in Arizona shooting his new film “Shouting Secrets,” about a successful young writer in Los Angeles who is called back to his Native American background to tend to his ailing mother.

With the media blitz already in full effect for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” Spencer said working on something completely different is a way to escape. But there’s no escaping the constant pleas for spoilers from the new flick. And like his character’s quiet, shadow-like wolf form, he only gives a whisper of details.

“This time around, Sam has to put his ego aside to take on this new breed of vampires,” Spencer said. “There’s a lot of new relationships being formed.”

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Bronson Pelletier (who plays Jared) signs autpgraphs for fans in Berlin

Bronson Pelletier stopped and signed autographs for New Moon fans in Berlin, Germany. Bronson Pelletier, Bryce Dallas & Chaske Spencer are in Berlin, Germany today (April 10th) for the New Moon fan event, celebrating the release of the New Moon DVD on April 15.

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New Moon CGI Wolf Rundown!

CGSociety has a great rundown of how the artists at Tippett Studio created New Moon’s wolves!

Eyes and Face

The book described the wolves as having eerily human eyes. “We were told early on that they literally they wanted us to plop the actors eyes into wolf, which always sounds like a good idea on paper but it does not work visually,” said Fredenburg, “so we had to play how much to accentuate them as human eyes and how much to push them towards wolf eyes. The eyelid shape around them is definitely wolf. For the eyeball itself we tended to play a little bit dark so they wouldn’t stick out as these funny white eyeballs in the head of the wolf.” Wolf eyes are iconic and easily recognizable. They have a very distinct eye shape and mysterious expression. “As soon as we put the human eyes in that it destroyed that iconic wolf look, so we tended to play it as subtle as possible to keep from distracting from the wolf.”

Read the entire rundown and see more photos Here!

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Personal Message from Chaske Spencer Setting the Record Straight!

♥ From Chaske Spencer (Please Read):

To all the wonderful, incredibly loyal fans:

For those of you that read that I was in rehab, I wanted to make sure you heard the truth from me directly. Yes it is true, that I was in rehab, however it was over 19 months ago, long before NEW MOON was even on my radar.  It was a pivotal time in my life where I was lucky enough to have supportive friends and family to help me get healthy.  I am grateful that I have been clean and sober now for 19 months and cannot imagine my life if I had continued using drugs and alcohol.  Almost everything else that was written about this is blatantly false and we are exploring our legal options. That was my past, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to create a new future for myself.  I encourage anyone who is in a similar place to seek support from their friends and family and know that without them, I would not have had the chance to be where I am now.

I want to thank all of you for the support you have shown, and continue to show. I appreciate each and every one of you.


You can visit Chaske Spencer’s website and sign up for his mailing list here!

P.S. I know I didn’t post the original story – but basically someone from Chaske’s rehab group told the media about this, but added parts that evidently weren’t even true. I didn’t post it because, of course, that is a VERY prsonal thing – but the message (above) is directly from Chaske and he wanted to clear the rumors up! At leaast he’s being honest :)

We love you Chaske!



New Moon Wold Pack Makes Fun Of Twi-Fan Girls On Jay Leno (HILARIOUS)

We cant deny this…. remember when Robert Pattinson was filming ‘Remember Me’ in New York? Those insane fan girls? Hehe okay, so we’re not all like this, but it’s still sooooo funny :)

Thank you TwiFans!



Video: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Chris Weitz, and More on New Moon!

Vanity Fair sent over this great video of Twilight: New Moon’s vampires, werewolves, and director dishing on  their acting methods, on-set bonding, and going barefoot for interviews.

The wolves have such a different energy from the other actors. It’s so great to see how different everyone is, yet in the end each type of personality contributes so well to the final product.



NEW MOON with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and more!

More interview with the New Moon cast! Wow these guys are busy.

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