Kellan Lutz and Xavier Samuel at Mr. Porter And Simon Spurr Dinner

Kellan Lutz and Xavier Samuel attended the Mr. Porter And Simon Spurr Dinner on May10th. Check out the pics:

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Xavier Samuel at the launch party for the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

Xavier Samuel (aka Riley Biers) attended the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G launch event on April 20th in Beverly Hills.

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Xavier Samuel at Coachella April 16th

Here are some pics of Eclipse’s Xavier Samuel (aka Riley Biers) at the Coachella Music Festival on April 16th.

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Xavier Samuel On The Set Of ‘A Few Best Men’

Xavier Samuel is currently filming a new Australian comedy, ‘A Few Best Men.’ Ten news was able to score an exclusive visit to the set, so check out their great coverage below!

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First Stills & BTS Video Of Xavier Samuel in Bait 3D!

Here are the first stills of Xavier Samuel in his new shark flic, ‘Bait 3D.’

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New Pic Of Xavier Samuel at Xavier Samuel at Tropfest (Sydney)

Here is a new pic of Xavier Samuel (aka Riley) at Tropfest in Sydney on February 20th.

Edit: A few more:

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New GQ Xavier Samuel Photoshoot & Interview!

Xavier Samuel models the either best looks of the season for men at  GQ! To see exactly what he’s wearing, slide through the gallery here and you’ll see where each article of clothing is from under the photo.

Xavier’s GQ Australia Man Of Style Interview:

GQ: So what’s life been like post Twilight?

XS: It’s been kind of cool actually, I’ve been hanging around in Berlin. I skipped off and did a film over there.

GQ: Was that Anonymous?

XS: Yeah. And I’ve spent a bit more time in LA and New York as well. So I’ve just been kind of enjoying it. We’ve skipped off to all these cities for the publicity for the film.

GQ: Were you caught up in the Twilight madness to the same extent as the main actors have been?

XS: Well, I certainly was not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of those guys were. I played the villain of the film, and they’ve been involved two films prior to that, so I kind of entered at a point when it was already severely popular. So it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind really, but a good one.

GQ: Does your girlfriend buy you clothes in the hope that you’ll wear them?

XS: Yeah, sometimes. She’s got a quite good fashion sense.

GQ: What kind of stuff is she into?

XS: I don’t know, it’s kind of a mystery to me, but she seems to mix and match all sorts of things and make it look good and still be herself.

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Photography: Pierre Toussaint.

Styling: Wayne Gross.

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Ashley Greene & Xavier Samuel Tell You To Get The ‘Eclipse’ DVD!

Holland & Belgium fans, this is for you. Eclipse stars Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel made this message for you, telling you to pick up your copy of the DVD!

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New Pic of Xavier Samuel By Eclipse Director David Slade!

Here is another new pic of Xavier Samuel (aka Riley) from Eclipse director David Slade’s collection from over at The Chromatic. We posted a different pic of Xavier from David yesterday here in case you missed it.

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New David Slade Pic of Xavier Samuel!

David Slade added this pic of Xavier Samuel (who played Riley in Eclipse) to his site The Chromatic!

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