Judi Shekoni’s New Interview With Team-Twilight!

Judi Shekoni plays bad–ass vamp’ Zafrina in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and the folks over at Team–Twilight had the chance to get an exclusive interview with her! Here’s an excerpt:

Team-Twilight: Your character has a lot of interaction with Renesmee. Have you spent much time with Mackenzie [Foy]?

JS: I have, yeah, and she’s so lovely, such an amazing child. Like when I have children, I want them to be like her, just so well brought up. And that’s pretty much the consensus of everywhere and everyone, just saying what a well brought up, polite girl that she is. And very mature, as well, for her age. She’s super lovely, and it’s great, the relationship that they [Zafrina and Renesmee] have in the book is very strong and powerful and I hope that it carries across on screen.

TT: How much time did you spend in Baton Rouge?

JS: Wow, I spent about four months.

TT: It’s funny, because reading the cast’s Twitter updates, it kind of seems a bit like summer camp. Was that the kind of experience it was? It is just so many people working every single day together. I am curious what that was like.

JS: It must have been really interesting for you guys reading all the Twitter. That makes me realize that I know only what I write, really. But if you seem them all together, you probably have a better idea of what it was like for everyone than me, who was in the middle of it. It was really to see that everyone’s opinions of what went on kind of built up a true picture. I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to be with a group of like-minded individuals. Everyone around about the same age. Everyone on the same journey together. And also, all of us doing an interesting, cool film. We aren’t doing one where I’m pregnant and my baby’s ill,and it’s not something that is like torturous to shoot, and super highly emotional. It was one about relationships and we kind of felt like that by bonding with each other we were adding to the film.

Read this entire new interview HERE!



Dear Diary (Human Emotions)

From time to time, human emotions encapsulate me. If it weren’t for Zafrina —my friend from the Amazonian Coven—I don’t know if I’d be able to show Edward those emotions. She helped me realize my capabilities, and taught me to use them to my full potential.

Edward loves it when I do let him in. Somehow, however, I think he’s quite happy not knowing everything. It’s foreign to him, exciting. I guess it keeps him wondering, which isn’t something Edward is used to. Mostly, I’ve used my ability to show Edward how deeply, truthfully, and overwhelmingly exultant I am to be a part of his world. A world that I, at one point, never understood. A world that is mine now, forever.

I brought Renesmee to see Zafrina as I had promised. Zafrina adores our little angel, almost as much as Jacob does. Zafrina gets a kick out of seeing Nessie’s thoughts, especially when she sees how prominent Jacob is in all of them. Although she will never completely understand Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee,  she does see that, when those two are together, they make each other smile, they make each other laugh. Edward sees it as well, and he is so grateful for the protection Jacob offers his little nudger.

When Jacob isn’t visiting Nessie, he’s in La Push, back in Billy’s house. Billy is happy to have Jake back there, back home. Everything in Jacob’s life has changed drastically, too. I mean, becoming a werewolf, fighting off vampires to defend other vampires, imprinting on a half–vampire half–human, and finally being able to be present in the same room as Edward without wanting to tear the paint off the walls is a fair amount to deal with. 

Jake’s happy now, though.


Most importantly, he still sees me as Bella. The same girl he used to make mud pies with when we were little. I still see myself the same way, too. I mean, apart from the speed, incredible strength, my shield, and, of course, immortality . . . but you get  the point.

I’m going to sign off for now. I will write again tomorrow. Edward told me today that he has a “big surprise” for me. He’s full of surprises. I will write all about it tomorrow. Wish me luck. . . .You know how weird I get when it comes to surprises.



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