The Secret Diary Of Alice Cullen

This is the ‘Secret Diary Of Alice Cullen’ written by Bella’s Diary reader Kiley Long, who is a great writer and has captured Alice very well. Feel free to send Kiley an email to comment, give feedback, ask questions or just say ‘hi’ here:

February 16, 2006

I don’t know what to do. He told me to stay away from her. He has no idea that it isn’t just difficult for him. He got to run away from all of this. He isn’t the one that still has to see her everyday. He just up and ran away from everyone and anything that had to deal with her at some point. She’s my best friend, next to Jasper.

I try to focus my energy and visions on other things, but she keeps passing in them and then disappearing. It’s totally confusing me. She is there making decisions and obviously doing things and making her choices and then all of a sudden… she’s gone.

I don’t know what to do anymore. She is still part of our future. He changed his mind, so shouldn’t her path change? I don’t understand it. How is she still planning on becoming one of us? Not just what we are… but exactly what us, the Cullens, represent. Vegetarians. I don’t see her running with Edward anymore. Just running. But it’s blurry – not completely there, and it goes in and out.

Jasper has been trying very hard to keep my mind entertained. He tries to distract me to the best of his ability. When I have tiny glimpses of Bella, and I panic afterwards, Jasper is right there to “calm” me down almost instantly. He tells me I need not worry. I was actually asked a favor – to stay away. I promised I would.  But if only I could make Jasper see what I see.

I can’t even make Edward see what I see because he has taken off so far away, last I heard he was in Texas, but that was a few months ago and I have no idea, honestly, what he’s doing for sure. I believe he’s trying to track Victoria but that is kind of pointless considering Victoria is jumping all over the continental U.S. and back. I don’t know what she is doing, though, she won’t make up her mind. She just keeps running. She sometimes heads towards Forks, but then she disappears in my visions and the next thing I know she is in Canada, no where near Forks. I just really wish I knew what to do.

I so badly want to be there for Bella. I may not be able to see her right now, this second, but I was her best friend. I know how involved she was with him, and all of us. I can’t just stand here and not do anything about it. She is somehow still going to be at least intertwined in our lives, and I don’t know if he’s going to be around to see it, but I have to make sure she makes it to that point. It’s not fair to put myself through this, either.

I am constantly on edge about what is happening. What she is thinking. I know for sure at one point I saw her going through the woods completely on her own, and I know she has two motorcycles. I don’t think they work because in the vision they looked like they would barely make it to the back of her truck, but I still wonder what she is doing with them. She isn’t hanging out with anyone as far as I can tell, either. But then again there are those moments that she just doesn’t exist and no matter how  hard I concentrate I can’t find her.

I believe I’m going to talk to Carlisle and Esme and see if we can all relocate and find somewhere with more fulfilling activities. I need to find better ways to occupy my mind. I believe if I can find something better to occupy my mind,  I might be okay. I just…I have to go. Something has come up. I have to go to Forks. This isn’t right. Bye for now.

February 17th, 2006

I figured I would write while on the plane. I am rushing to get to Forks. I have to be there for Charlie. I can’t believe Bella would do this. What was she thinking? Did she even consider any of us, let alone Edward? She knows what Edward said. That if she wasn’t alive there was no point to his life. Ugh! I am so frustrated with her right now.

This flight isn’t helping anything. I haven’t had time to hunt. I was in a complete rush and also had to explain to Jasper at the same time that him coming with me wasn’t a very good idea. I hate being separated from him – but I don’t need to factor in having to tame. Just like at Bella’s Birthday party…that’s what led to all of this.

I just can’t believe she would take her own life. This makes no sense. In the glimpses I saw of her she didn’t seem suicidal. I really don’t understand what brought all of this on.

I just wish I knew what to do.

I guess I should explain what has startled me so bad that I’m on a plane against my promise to Edward and heading towards Forks. Towards Bella’s funeral. Towards being there for Charlie (I really hope I have time to hunt.)

Last time I wrote, I don’t know if it was because I was thinking of Bella or what, but I caught a glimpse of her. She was standing on a very high cliff. A  half smile on her face, her lips were moving like she was talking to someone, and she just spread her arms and jumped. I didn’t see her get out. I saw her come back to the surface and then get slammed down by a bunch of tidal waves. I have tried with all I have in me to see her again, but I don’t see anything. I can’t find her anywhere. I just can’t….

I can’t believe she is gone. I told everyone at the house in a rush, but they are not going to tell Edward – unless they don’t hear from me for an extended period of time. I told them that if she is gone that I will stay long enough to comfort Charlie and Bella’s mother, Renee. I am just so agitated. I can not believe she did this. What happened to all of a sudden bring this on? Why didn’t she just do this when we first left? I don’t understand. I have been trying to catch Charlie…but all I get is the voice mail.  No one is there, and when I have seen visions of Charlie he is crying and dressing up in a suit and tie. Like for a funeral. I just don’t know what to do. The plane is starting to land. I will let you guys know more later.

February 18th, 2006

All I can say is that Bella is alive. Will explain more later; I promised her I would be back in an hour and she will totally fall apart if I’m not there on time. I just got done hunting and figured I would let everyone know she’s alive.

February 18th, 2006

Bella is asleep right now so I figured I would let everyone know what is ACTUALLY going on. Bella jumping off the cliff was a recreational sport. Or so she says. The motorcycles are something her and her new best friend built together and rode. I think her new friend is a stupid mutt for allowing her to do anything like that…she is so clumsy on her own, why throw a motorcycle into the mix. Okay I guess I should start from the beginning, from when I arrived.

I arrived and went straight to the Cullen house, our old house, to pick up Carlisle’s car that he left. Luckily I can stand driving this one…it looks like it won’t go that fast, but it works and people don’t notice it like they would Rosalie’s car. I got to Charlie and Bella’s house and no one was home. I couldn’t see Charlie at all, or Bella – so I didn’t know what was going on. I heard a vehicle pull up and I instantly knew the sound…it was Bella’s truck. But who is driving it? I heard arguing – something about not being able to protect someone when we are here. All of a sudden someone was running into the house and they couldn’t find the light switch… so I hit the switch myself.

Standing there with a look of death on her face was Bella. I couldn’t believe it. I just stood there. She jumped on me…I had to fight the urge to bring her death to her, but I knew I couldn’t kill her, of course. We got into a long conversation, and that is when she explained the ‘recreational fun.’ She also explained the motorcycle fun she was having with her friend, Jacob. I didn’t know who this Jacob guy was. I couldn’t really pay attention all that well…the smell coming off of Bella was horrible.

I told her she smelled like a wet dog and she explained that the smell was Jacob. Jacob is a werewolf. A young werewolf to top it off. I cannot believe she would be hanging out with a werewolf. I am slowly piecing together the fact that when any werewolves are involved, I can’t see anything.

Edward leaves to make sure she is away from monsters and here she goes running into the arms of a worse monster than she was around to begin with. I just don’t understand it. I know I need to get a hold of Jasper, at least, and let him know what’s going on. Maybe later.

I am going to have to leave soon since she is a live. I promised Edward I wouldn’t interfere, and now that I know she is alive, safe, I need to be on my way.

Bella and I talked for a little while longer and she kept scooting closer and closer to me. I finally had to tell her that I needed to go hunting and grab some bags of clothes if it was going to look like I was staying for a couple nights. She had this look of utter panic on her face when I told her I was leaving.

I promised her that I would be back in an hour, and so I went hunting and rummaged up some bags of clothes and came to let you all know she was still alive. Charlie came home from his friend Harry’s house and his face lit up with joy after seeing me. I know I shouldn’t have been here, because I know I’m going to be leaving again soon and I don’t want to hurt them.

I told them both I would see them in the morning. Charlie went upstairs to go to bed and Bella and I sat up and talked for a while. Once she fell asleep I was able to hunt another deer, then come back and write this. I do believe I hear Charlie coming down the stairs. I need to act like I’m just waking up. I have never been more exhausted in all my vampire life trying to make sure Bella is alive. I don’t know how Edward did it…making sure she was always safe. Update more later.

February 19th, 2006

I’m on the plane with Bella. She needs to sleep but I can’t get her too. She is off in her own little world right now so I am writing. I am so upset with Rosalie. More then I was with Bella when I thought she killed herself. Okay, time to tell you the worst part of this whole nightmare.

Charlie woke up and came down stairs. He was cooking breakfast for me and him while we talked about what Bella went through… once the Cullens left. I feel so bad about all of it. Charlie had to sit back and watch his daughter completely fall apart. I know she is his world, even though he doesn’t say it. He was so scared to ask if Edward was back, too. His face lit up once I explained to him that it’s only me who’s back – and only for a little bit.

We’re both scared of what it is going to do to Bella once I leave again. As the day progressed Charlie left to go to La Push to be with his friend Harry’s family for the funeral. After a short while everything for the day went completely blank. Like I couldn’t see anything at all …period. Then I heard car tires on gravel. Someone was here. It was the werewolf.

I told Bella I was going to step out for a little bit. Jacob came in the front door and I took off out the window. I waited for a little bit. I heard the phone ring and then I saw in a vision what I feared most of all.

Rosalie told Edward that Bella killed herself (I knew I should have called Jasper). Edward had called to double check and when Jacob answered the phone and told him that Charlie was at a funeral, Edward lost it. All I saw was Edward going to the Volturi and asking to be killed. He won’t live in this world without Bella. I don’t know how to even explain this to her.

I ran inside as fast as I could and told her what I saw. Jacob was shaking from head to toe. I told Bella we needed to leave right that second in order to have a chance at beaing Edward to the Volturi. We rushed as fast as we possibly could at her human pace and with Jacob interjecting every so often to beg her to stay for him, for Charlie, and lots of other things.

We made it to the airport just in time to catch the flight to Italy. Bella is squirming in her chair. I think it’s because I promised her that in the end of all of this if we all survive that I will change her. I don’t know what the big deal is. Edward doesn’t want her to change, but I know she is going to be changed…by who, I have no idea. But still. She made me promise that I would. I told her I don’t know if I can handle it myself, but she said she has faith in me.  All I know right now for certain…is I had to lie to Jasper while explaining to him what happened. I had to lie to him and tell him I would be back. That I couldn’t wait to see him again. I couldn’t tell him the truth and let him know that there is a chance I won’t be back. I don’t want him risking his life for me. I love him too much.

We will be landing in the next couple of minutes. I don’t know how Bella feels about grand theft auto, but I have a feeling that right now she won’t mind. We have to get to Volterra. Oddly, today of all days. The celebration of vampires being kicked out of the city. Ironic? I think not. Edward is sometimes too smart for his own good.

February 21th, 2006

We are on our way back to Forks. Luckily everything went off kind of well. I just got off the phone with Jasper. I am so happy that I get to go back home to him. I guess I should explain what happened considering its Bella, Edward, and me going back to Forks. With some stops on the way of course we weren’t lucky enough to get a straight non-stop flight to Washington. So we have a while on the plane/planes. Bella is driving me crazy with all her jittering. I don’t know what she is thinking right now and she can’t really tell me with Edward right there next to her. So I chose to sit behind them so I can write for now.

I guess I will start from when we landed. I left Bella for a few minutes to find a car. I pulled up next to her in the most amazing vehicle I have ever seen. I really want one. I do believe I’m going to have to ask for one. We drove as fast as we could. I had to explain to Bella I’m only going to be able to go so far because Edward can hear my thoughts and he would think I was lying. As I was explaining to Bella what was going to have to happen I had a vision.

The Volturi had denied Edward his request so he was changing his plans. Since the Volturi wouldn’t give him what he wanted he would force them to kill him, he would force them by revealing what he is. I explained to Bella that Edward was planning at noon, when the sun is in the sky at its highest to expose his skin to the humans.

I explained to her that if he hears my thoughts and knows she alive he will only think I’m lying and rush exposing himself. Bella was so on edge and rushing her words and freaking out. I continued to tell her that I would drop her off and she would have to run to the clock tower and stop Edward and that I would ditch the car and find a way inside without being noticed.

Bella looked like she was going to fall apart, but she did very good if I might say so myself. I got to as far as I could possibly go without Edward hearing my thoughts, also the humans celebrating in the streets wasn’t very helpful. From what I get from what Bella and Edward have told me, Bella ran as fast as she possibly could to get to the clock tower. The tower struck and she had to go running into him in order for him to go back into the shade.

He didn’t believe she was really there at first. He thought it was the after life. Once Bella got him to realize she was really there Felix and Demetri showed up to take Edward and Bella back to the Volturi, to talk to Aro.

Edward kept telling them Bella wasn’t going with them and a fight almost started when I showed up. The next thing I knew Jane was there with us commanding that we follow her to go talk to Aro.

We followed all the way through the tunnels. Aro was surprised to see us all. A big discussion happened. Come to find out Bella is also immune to Aro and Jane’s powers. We had to find out the hard way. Jane got to Edward because he jumped in the way to stop Jane from harming Bella. I don’t ever want to experience what Jane can do. Horrible power if you ask me. Edward just fell to the ground in complete and utter pain. The next thing I knew there was talk about the Volturi killing Bella because she  knew too much about vampires and our world.

I had to step in and let Aro see my vision of Bella becoming one of us very soon. That was the only reason we were able to walk away with our lives. Aro asked us not to leave until dark and they gave us strict orders that Bella must be changed soon. I know Edward heard in my thoughts the promise I made to Bella about changing her.

I also had to tell Aro I would be the one to do it if Edward wouldn’t. Plane
landing will finish in a little bit.

February 23, 2006

We are on the next plane. Luckily the next stop is the stop where I will be reunited with my Jasper. I am so excited. I can not wait to see him. Everyone will be there waiting for us. I keep having a vision of Edward and Bella riding with Rosalie and Emmet. Edward is not going to be happy about this.

Some how Bella has managed to stay awake during all of this. She is still awake now just wrapped in Edwards arms. But as I was saying earlier. As we were leaving to go wait till dark they were herding in a bunch of visitors like a big buffet. I felt so bad that Bella had to see that, none the less hear the screams. I don’t understand how they can do that. If there is one thing I have learned from the rest of the Cullen’s its that human life shouldn’t be ended that way. At least when I wasn’t a vegetarian I at least went and hunted my meals not had them herded to me.

All I know is we are very lucky to have walked out of there without lives. Felix very much wanted to kill Bella and Edward. I know Aro wanted to taste Bella’s blood. He even said it out loud. He didn’t understand how Edward resisted her as much as he had. He also wanted me and Edward to join them, because of our special gifts.

All I know is I can not wait to see Jasper and be back home in his arms. I can’t wait for everything to go back to the way it use to be. We are going to be landing here in the next couple minutes I need to calm myself down so I don’t go running off like a vampire and scaring the humans and exposing ourselves cause I’m ready to see Jasper. Will write more when I get the chance to. I’m just so glad all of this is over with.

February 24th, 2006

Just as I saw Edward and Bella rode with Rosalie and Emmett. Rosalie feels really bad for what happened. I don’t blame her. She shouldn’t have jumped the gun and told Edward anything. Then this whole mess could have been avoided. But any ways. Edward hasn’t left Bella’s side at all period. He is always holding onto her.

I don’t know if its to keep her standing or if he missed her. I know how he truly felt for Bella, but she didn’t. I just can’t believe she actually believed him when he told her he didn’t want her. I could have been a complete stranger and met Edward and Bella and known that was a lie. I just hope we are moving back to Forks.

I ran the idea by Jasper first and he thinks its going to happen he said the emotions running through Edward were complete love and admiration. I just hope Edward has realized that staying away from Bella does no good. I didn’t get a chance to tell him about her little friend but I did keep reliving
the memory so Edward would pick up on it and learn things and hopefully calm down before he decides to talk to Bella about it. I think I’m going to talk to Carlisle and Esme and see what they know if it would be a good idea or not to move back to Forks. I wasn’t there the first time the rest of the Cullens were there. I want to graduate there and live a few more years there. I don’t like up and leaving in the middle of everything. I want to go back to Forks. I think Jasper wants to also. He got use to the smells there and he got use to our life style there. It was easier for him to go through everything there. I know he tried to kill Bella but he did very good walking away after Emmett and all of us got him out of the room.

I wonder what is going on in the other vehicle. I really hope Bella is asleep. She needs it bad. I just got done talking to everyone and they said we are going to get our stuff ready to move back to Forks. They had called Edward when I asked about it. So we are moving back to Forks. I’m so excited. This means I can start planning parties and getting everything together for graduation and all that fun stuff. I’m excited. Bella is going to be on total lock down when we get back. Charlie is highly mad. I talked to him and explained there was an emergency and I had to take Bella with me and that they are on their way back now and they should be there soon. Charlie is going to ground Bella and give strict rules. But I can’t really blame him. If I could have explained better to him I’m sure she wouldn’t be in as much trouble. It doesn’t help either that Charlie’s friend just died not even a week ago.

I am so happy to be back with my Jasper. He keeps smiling at me and giving me little kisses. Once we get home and are settled I’m going to be spending serious time with him. I am going to get going I have to talk to everyone. It seems Bella is going to be calling a meeting tonight and everyone needs to be at the house. Maybe we can just have our stuff sent to us. We do have some stuff already at the house.

February 26th, 2006

I guess Rosalie apologized about the whole situation. Edward still isn’t all that happy with her. But he will just have to get over it. He has another problem. At least in his eyes that’s how he sees it.

Bella and Edward showed up in the middle of the night just like I expected. It was a meeting on if we will change Bella or not. I knew this was coming specially with my promise to her. I don’t regret it, I just don’t know if I could handle doing it. Since Edward refuses it Bella came to all of us to say “yes” or “no” and the conclusion comes up to Bella is going to be a vampire. All of us except Rosalie and Edward said “yes”. I am very excited that Bella is for sure going to be a part of our life. Forever. I see her running again with Edward. Its amazing. Edward isn’t happy with our decision but we are going to wait until after graduation for everything to be easier on Charlie. It’s going to be done. We will have to leave before we do it. The stupid mutt decided to let Bella know about the treaty and all of the stuff that goes with it. Plus he decided to tattle on Bella about the motorcycles and now she is in even more trouble then she was to begin with. I don’t know what his deal is.

I’m allowed to go visit Bella anytime I want to. Edward is given strict rules and Charlie doesn’t treat him all that well. But he knows he deserves it considering what he did. Leaving Bella that way and also then him being the reason Bella took off with no word for three days. We’ve gotten all of our stuff moved back. Edward “pulled some strings” and got all the same classes with Bella except one.

I still laugh at what he told me about Bella thinking everything was a dream. I guess once they got back to the house Charlie was waiting for them and Edward carried Bella upstairs and then went down to talk to Charlie. Charlie told Edward that he wasn’t ever allowed there again. Which I laugh about. You can’t stop a vampire from going where they want to. Ha ha. But any ways. As soon as Charlie went to bed Edward went to Bella’s room through the window of course. He waited til Bella would wake. Once she finally did he had to keep telling her over and over again that it wasn’t a dream. That’s all she could think for him to be there exclaiming his love for her and that he would never leave again. It still makes me laugh. When you throw Bella in the face of danger she is more alive and aware of everything. But you put her in front of the love of her life and he exclaims everything to her and she doesn’t understand one word. What a weird human.

Edward is doing really well. He has only left her side once for like twenty minutes to hunt. I don’t know how he’s doing it. He told me that since he was gone for so long and ached for her all that time that her blood is only appealing to him in the fact that she’s alive and he’s happy.

Oh yeah before I keep ranting on about a million other things – Edward proposed to Bella. It isn’t final or anything, and I’m pretty sure Bella is still going to have Carlisle change her, but the way it happened is she told Edward that she really wants him to be the one to change her and he said he would on one condition: that she marry him first. I think its so romantic and wonderful. I see some kind of wedding but its blurry. Really bad. So Bella hasn’t made up her mind yet. I know what she’s thinking. She is scared beyond belief of what everyone, mostly her mother, will think. She needs to realize it doesn’t matter. If she is willing to spend forever with Edward why not marry him and make it official?

I am going to end this for now. School soon and I want to go check on Bella. Edward is there but I want to make Charlie think Bella has more then just Edward in her life. Plus I need to give her some fashion advice, again. I swear I’m going to wear off on her eventually and she will have style.

March 3rd, 2006

School is going good. Graduation is coming soon. Bella is a little upset with Edward and I right now. She keeps wanting to go see the mutt. I don’t understand why she doesn’t understand he is dangerous. She tried sneaking off the other night. I told Edward immediately. I guess I should let everyone know what’s been going on. Victoria is coming back around. At least she has for sure once. We almost had her if it wasn’t for those stupid dogs.

A week ago I got a vision of Victoria coming after Bella. So Edward and I came up with a plan to get Bella to go see her mom with the tickets Carlisle and Esme got her for her birthday. She didn’t want to go considering she had just gotten released from grounding. We got her to go though. Since she was gone Esme watched over Charlie. We went after Victoria and she ran right to the La Push line. Of course the werewolves were there. They are saying that we crossed the line. Well they are saying Emmett crossed the line. I know he didn’t but it started a fight. Luckily Jasper and Carlisle got the situation calm soon after that. But once Bella and Edward came back that Jacob just had to start a scene at school with Bella. Now Bella knows everything and she is very agitated with all of us.

Soon after that one day when Edward was suppose to be out hunting Bella took off to La Push. She didn’t even call us or anything during the day to let us know she was okay. It took everything we had to convince Edward not to go after her. Finally in the middle of the day she went to her friend’s house and once she was done with that she went home. Edward was waiting for her. He was not very happy. So me and him made a deal. He got me my car. Its amazing. I love it. I haven’t gotten a chance to drive it yet because it would be way to noticeable in this small town special since its bright yellow. The deal is I have to keep Bella occupied each time Edward goes hunting. Edward can’t focus when Bella is running around with a bunch of werewolves.

So I agreed to it. The first night was not so fun. Bella wouldn’t sleep in the bed or anything that Edward got. She is not very happy that she is being held hostage. That’s what she calls it. I call it girls night. Its very fun. She left a not so nice voice mail on Edward’s phone. Rosalie had a talk with her. Explained why she isn’t so fond of her and everything. I think we all now have a better way of understanding Rosalie. Edward gets back tonight. I just hope Bella doesn’t give him too much trouble. I haven’t even been able to drive my car yet. Edward is going to take it back for sure. I haven’t been doing a very good job keeping Bella entertained. Especially after he finds out what happened when Bella was in school. All of a sudden Jacob was there on the motorcycle yelling at Bella to hurry and run with him. I was ready to rip his head off. I would never bite him – that would just taste nasty. But she of course ran to him. She came back and she was not in a good mood at all. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it and she said no and walked off.

I don’t know how she deals with her human emotions. They drive me crazy. Here comes Edward finally. Hopefully he can make her happy. I’m going to end this and go say “good bye” to my car and then go hunting with Rosalie. Maybe I can think of a way to keep my car.

April 15th, 2006

I get to keep my car. But with good news comes bad news. Soon after Bella returned home from the “sleep over” Edward was calling. He asked me if I took anything from Bella’s room. I hadn’t. So he told me the quick over view and then asked to talk to Carlisle. I guess someone has been there. One of our kind. But it isn’t a scent Edward recognized. I believe Edward asked Jacob over to come see if any of the “pack” recognized the scent. Of course they don’t. So I don’t know what is going to happen. We are all on edge. We are all taking turns, including Jacob, on watching over Bella and Charlie. We are going to catch who ever is coming around.

We think it might be someone from the Volturi but I didn’t see anything happening. I have tried over and over again to look back to see some kind of signal of them sending someone to check on Bella. To see if she is still human. I will just have to let them know the plan for Bella to become one of us is still on. Graduation is only a week away. I get to plan a graduation party for Edward, Bella and I. I’m really excited. There has also been a lot of “murders” in Seattle. We all think it’s an army of newborn vampires. We are going to have to interfere to stop the Volturi from coming here. I need to go get a few more things since this will be the first time a lot of people have been to our house. I will write more later.

May 15th, 2006

We have figured it out. I’m so proud of Bella. She has become so alert to everything. She is the one who figured out everything. The army of vampires is coming after her. We don’t know who is sending them after her. It could either be the Volturi (which I think) or Victoria. She was getting ready for graduation when I popped in to give her an outfit to where. Oh yeah by the way we have had to post pone her transformation because of this army of vampires. She was just rambling about nonsense and then she said the key words…the clothes and stuff that were taken…had her scent, and only her scent.

I rushed off. I told her not to let Edward know anything until later when I could think more. Edward rode with her and Charlie and I did everything I could when I went gliding across the stage to not think of what Bella told me. As soon as I crossed the stage I took off to go talk to Jasper. He thinks the idea sounds very right. That who ever it is is coming for Bella. I think Bella told Edward. He isn’t acting right. He is acting like he did when James was after her. He knows we can do this. The party is about to start and he is on his way inside with her and I need Edward to get some more stuff set up in the back. Will write more later after the party.

The party went off without any problems. Well nothing happened at the party except the dogs showing up right after I had a vision of the vampire army coming here to Forks. Bella was wondering around trying to find me but I had to tell Jasper and Edward and Carlisle first. Bella is really going to have to get better at acting in front of humans. She can’t let everything seem like its all going to fall apart. But since she did act that way Jacob followed her around until she made me tell her what is going on. Jacob became very aggressive since he wanted to know also, something about the pack had a right to know also. So I told him as little as I could with the house full of humans and Jasper was right there. Jasper and Edward were talking about how things were going to work out when all of a sudden the vision totally disappeared.

Jacob had made up his mind. The pack is going to join us fight. Its going to make everything wonderful. This is going to go without a hitch. Bella is not happy at all that the pack is going to join in on the fight. But she needs to calm down and breath and realize that everything is okay. The Cullens and the pack are going to meet up around three in the morning to practice our strategies and let the wolves in on how new born vampires attack. Jasper is an expert on this. He use to bring up new born vampires until they were a little over a year old and then “take care” of them. That’s how it was with his old family. But now he just uses his past skills as information that we need now. Which I am very happy for.

I believe Bella is very paranoid that something is going to happen to Esme or I. She need not worry. I have handled so much. Esme is very good at the things she does when she focuses. I wish Bella would calm down. It gets really old having to constantly remind her we are vampires and nothing bad is going to happen. I am going to go get ready to leave for our “meeting” with the werewolves. Will update more later promise.

May 16th, 2006

The meeting went really well. The whole pack of wolves showed up. When I say the entire pack I mean it. There was ten of them. Jacob hadn’t told Bella that. To top it off one of the wolves is a very moody girl. None of the wolves would change back into their human form. They don’t trust us. So we had to use Edward as an interpreter. Bella was so tired you could tell. We all helped Jasper show how to defend ourselves and how to attack the newborn vampires. It was very fun. When it was my turn to help Jasper, I had fun even though I knew it was suppose to be very serious. He tried to catch me and I would constantly just barely move out of his way and then I caught him by surprise. I jumped on his back and acted like I was going to bite him and gave him a kiss on his neck. It was very good demonstration on how not to get distracted. Next it was Edward’s turn to help Jasper. Which is good because I needed to talk to Bella about her choices.

She is debating on how to help. On how to be a part of the fight and help. What she doesn’t understand is that isn’t going to help at all. I told her that if she made anymore choices set in stone I would have to let Edward know because she would only distract him in the field. She has even tried saying that we go a head and turn her even though that will not be helpful at all. We would all have to help her then and that just wouldn’t work. She told me she wants to help and not just wait to see who would return to her…most of all who wouldn’t return. She needs to have more faith in all of us.

It was finally dawn and we were ready to end for the night. Then Sam, the alpha wolf said it would very much help if they could sniff us so they don’t get our scents confused with the newborns. We all stood very still. Jacob was walking past Bella and stopped at her. He licked her. It was disgusting if you ask me. Bella just acted like nothing happened. But it was totally gross. All the wolves left and Jacob and Edward were talking. Something about how it isn’t as easy as Jacob thought it was. Jacob went into the forest and came back as his human form. Edward smiled and had Jasper go over to him. I of course followed. Next thing I knew Jacob had picked up Bella and took off into the woods and came back on the other side. Edward explained for Jasper to try and catch Bella’s scent. They were trying to cover her scent up with Jacob’s. Jasper confirmed it had worked almost one hundred percent as long as Bella doesn’t touch anything.

The plans were set. The army would be in within the week and Edward would have Bella set a false trail into the clearing and then he would have Jacob carry her to a secret destination to met up with him to have Bella stay there with one of the newest wolves, to keep her safe. I am going to go for now I want to spend some alone time with Jasper before we all go hunting tomorrow. I have a feeling that Bella is not going to cooperate with our plans. Silly human girl. I can’t wait till she is one of us and can finally relax. Hopefully.

May 17th, 2006

Ugh! Bella and her feelings. Edward isn’t going to be joining us. I have a feeling he’s going to be calling me soon to go be with Bella. I just had the vision. Bella asked Edward to stay behind. I guess he convinced her that with the wolves involved someone could sit out if that would make her feel better, I had to call him in the middle of his conversation with him to tell him I saw Bella the day of the fight wondering around lost in the woods trying to find the clearing. She of course used the guilt trip about him leaving her before to get him to agree to stay with her while everyone else is fighting. I’m not worried one bit at all about anything…I’m just going to have to deal with Edward and his attitude about having to miss out on everything for the next few months. I’m going to go tell everyone…Emmett is going to be really happy about this. Now he has something to hang over Edward’s head. Silly human people and their feelings.

May 18th, 2006

EDWARD AND BELLA ARE GETTING MARRIED. They had the house completely to them selves last night and Edward asked her. He promised her they could just run off to Vegas. But I couldn’t let that happen. Bella needs to experience a human wedding. None of us got to. I can’t believe she was actually considering running off to Vegas and getting hitched. Just to keep Edward happy about his virtue being intact until after the wedding. That girl is pure silly. I don’t understand her. But once we returned home I was very upset to see her plans had full blown turned into a quick Vegas wedding. I wasn’t even there. I had to change her mind. Her and Edward were getting ready for the “camping trip” and I was having a mental fight with Edward. I told him I had to talk to Bella. He told me to not make his life miserable. I begged her.

I asked her if she really loved me. I told her that if she did she would allow me to be there to be a part of the wedding.

She agreed. Then I saw the vision. A full blown wedding that was very beautiful and wonderful. I smiled at her and she just kept saying “Alice no, no. no. no. no.” I begged her and pleaded with her she buckled in and just looked at me. I promised her one day she would thank me for this. She told me this is the first time she would bet against me. As I ran off in total bliss she told me it wasn’t a definite yes, but I told her it will be. I see the vision.
Now time to start getting everything planned for the fight.

Since Edward isn’t going to be there we have to make certain of things. Make sure we go hunting so we can be our strongest. I’m so excited for all of this. This fight has brought so many things. Everyone is really getting to know Jasper. I love him so much. He is eager to kill some things other then humans for a change. I mean he hasn’t killed humans in a long time but he feels bad for being the weakest in our family. Which is okay. We just can’t get him to understand it though. Jasper will be in a much better mood here soon after the fight. I just realized I need to go tell Esme about Bella and Edward. She is going to tell me to wait planning anything till after the fight so I can be focused…but this is truly going to be the most wonderful wedding ever. I love planning weddings. Talk to everyone after the fight.

May 20th, 2006

The fight was so much fun. We finished everyone off. Except for one which the Volturi handled themselves. I guess I should let everyone know what all happened. Bella and Edward left to go mark the false trail into the clearing. Everyone else went hunting. I could only catch glimpses of visions that were around the wolves. Its so weird that when they are involved I can’t see anything. Makes me feel…vulnerable….human. I don’t like it one bit. In the morning I got a vision of the Volturi showing up. We hadn’t taken care of the vampire army fast enough so they were coming.

Something had happened between Edward, Bella, and Jacob that made Jacob trick Bella into kissing him. That’s all I’ve gotten out of the story on that part. I let Sam know about the Volturi and he contacted Seth through their mind talking to tell Edward what was going on.

When the vampire army showed up it was only half of them following Bella’s false trail the other half went around and the wolves went after them. Little did we know that Victoria and her new “mate” were going after Edward’s scent because they noticed he wasn’t in the clearing and knew Bella would be with him. As we were taking care of the army in front and to the side of us Edward and Seth (the wolf there to watch over things) had to fight Victoria and Riley her new “mate”. I use that term loosely because Victoria was only using him to get what she wanted…Bella. I guess Bella thought at one point that Seth was really hurt and she didn’t know how Edward was doing so she distracted Riley and Victoria by placing a rock to her arm like she was going to cut herself. It worked. Seth finished Riley off and Edward finished Victoria. As soon as we thought we had gotten everyone, except a girl named Bree, Jacob was howling in complete pain.
A vampire had hid and Leah that moody wolf though she could handle him on her own. So Jacob went to help her and he got hurt. Bella passed out.

Edward brought her to where we were in the clearing waiting on the Volturi. We were rushing around to get Bella to awaken before they got here. Bella woke and got told everything that happened with Jacob. Within minutes Jane and her friends, Felix and Demetri and one other, were in the clearing trying to figure everything out. Bree had to tell her that the story we were telling them was true. Then as soon as they came they were ready to leave. They killed Bree. Said she couldn’t be turned into one of the Cullen’s. Something about her breaking the rules.

I had to take Bella back to the house and get her ready to go home and see Charlie since he was back at his house after seeing a very broken Jacob. He wants to be there for Bella to make sure she is okay and assure her Jacob will be okay. She was totally freaking out. But she needs to calm down. Jacob is in the hands of Carlisle and he won’t let anything happen to him. The wolves even let Edward across the border. Which surprised me. Jacob is going to be fine. Bella is at her house or in La Push. Once she sets her mind on seeing them she goes off of my radar. I’ve learned to not try and find her now when that happens. It just gives me a really big headache.
Oh my goodness. I just got the best vision of all. Bella is coming to tell me the rules about the wedding I’m going to be planning for her and Edward. I’m so excited. They are almost here. I have to go talk to her and then tell Esme. She’s going to be so excited. This is the best news. Oh goodness after wards they are going to go tell Charlie. Luckily vampires can’t die by gun shot. Charlie is really going to consider killing him. Write more when I have more to talk about. I think things are settling down now.

August 12th, 2006

Everything is going wonderful. The wedding is tomorrow. I’m so excited. Everyone will be there. Renee has been in town for the past few days. Ever since Bella and Edward told Charlie about getting married, and his punishment was for her to tell her mother, things have went perfectly. I was told I had till August 13th to get everything set up. Most people would think that was a very short time period to plan this wedding. But hey, I’m a vampire and I don’t sleep so I had plenty of time. Plus when it was day time Renee and Esme were on the phone constantly planning things also. The boys, Japer and Emmett, have taken off with Edward tonight for his “bachelor” party. It just makes me laugh so hard.

All this wedding stuff is actually starting to make me super excited for mine and Jasper’s wedding. Its going to be soon hopefully. I just graduated and usually soon we get married after high school. All of our weddings have been very amazing but nothing like Bella and Edwards is going to be. I have so many plans. Since Bella didn’t really want to be involved in any of the planning I got to go full out with out going past her silly little boundaries.

One rule in particular that she was very big on was being able to “veto” anyone she wanted off the guest list. I don’t think she knows that Edward sent and invitation to Jacob. I haven’t told her. I don’t plan to. I don’t want anything going wrong tomorrow. Edward sent that invitation and then Jacob disappeared. Only Edward, Billy Black (Jacob’s dad), and I know why Jacob disappeared. It’s crushing Bella that Jacob will not be involved in any of this. One of the nights I went to watch over her while Edward went hunting she kept mumbling something in her sleep about “my Jacob, my best man, my Jacob”. I didn’t fully understand it but I know it hurts her to know Jacob won’t be there.

I have kept a lot of secrets from Bella and I don’t know how long I will be able to continue to do that once she is immortal. She has been very keen on things here the last few months…so I have no idea how she is going to be once she is immortal. A lot of the secrets I have been keeping from her are the wedding things. I didn’t let her know anything except the fact that I am designing the theme around the ring Edward gave her from his mother. It’s very unique and beautiful. Plus I’m throwing in a bunch of flowers and smell good stuff for the humans. I still very much enjoy the flowers, their color and smell.

The Denalis are going to be here also. This has made Bella uncomfortable. She knows that they are very beautiful. She knows that they all had an interest in Edward also. She is also very uncomfortable with them being here when they hate the werewolves and Seth and his mother and Billy are going to be here. But the Denalis have apologized for that repeatedly. They wish that things would have been different and they shouldn’t have let Irina’s joy for revenge to have stepped in the way of them being there with us to help survive. Everything will be okay though. Bella has no idea what I have planned for her tomorrow. I hope she is getting a good night sleep I don’t have a whole lot of time to get her ready tomorrow.

I guess I’m going to end and start setting things up in the bathroom to turn it into “Salon De Alice”. Will let everyone know how the wedding goes tomorrow once they leave for their honeymoon. Oh yeah…Bella has no idea where they are
going…I know she is going to love every bit of it.

Technically August 14th, 2006

Everything was wonderful. So amazing. I swear if I could cry I would have. Bella looked absolutely amazing. Edward could hardly contain himself. I will start from the beginning of the day.

I got my bathroom set up and soon headed over to get Bella. Charlie and her were talking about what his responsibilities were for the day…the only thing he had to do was get the preacher. I knocked on the door and quickly had Bella getting in there car. I yelled to Charlie “see you later” but I don’t think he heard me. Bella looked like she didn’t sleep at all. She said she had nightmares. I don’t understand how you can have nightmares the night before your wedding. Any ways, I took her through the garage and I wouldn’t let her see anything. She said she could smell all the wonderful flowers and she said it was very amazing. I got her upstairs to the bathroom as fast as I could and she looked at the counter like I was about to completely change her. Soon Rosalie came upstairs to tell us the boys had made it back. I freaked and told her to keep them downstairs and away from here and Rosalie promised they would stay away for the sake of their own lives. She then offered to do Bella’s hair while I finished her make-up.

Bella was all ready with her hair and make-up so I slid the dress down over here and she started to breathe funny and her heart started racing I told her to breath and calm down. I had to ask her “Can you keep it together for two minutes while I get dressed?”, and she did. I came back in as Esme was bringing Renee upstairs. Renee all but choked on words. She couldn’t believe how beautiful Bella was. I do have to say I did a very good job. Charlie came up soon to follow Renee to tell her it was time for her to take her place downstairs. Renee reminded him to pull out the box, which was beautiful hair clips for Bella. It was something new and blue, so I had to loan her my garter to let her have something borrowed. I strictly told her I wanted it back. I asked Charlie to step out the room and get the flowers and as he did I slid the garter on to Bella’s leg. Charlie was back and I told Bella to remember its Edward waiting for her down there. To calm down and think of only him. We went to the stairs.

I told Bella the directions for her queue when to follow down after me. I swear I heard her mumble something to Charlie about not letting her fall. She was so graceful. Edward’s face lit up. As soon as I saw Edward I remembered…Bella hadn’t even seen herself at all. I’m going to get in trouble for that probably. They said their vows taking out the “death do us part” and everything was wonderful. As soon as twilight came I had everyone move outside for the party. Everyone greeted Mr. and Mrs. Cullen and then went on to dance and eat.

Bella got to meet the Denali’s. I don’t exactly understand what her expression was but she seemed to be okay after they walked away. Very soon people were dancing every where and Bella and Edward took off into the woods. I got told later on that Jacob had made a surprise visit and him and Bella got into an argument and he almost hurt her when she had accidentally revealed she was going to have a “normal honeymoon”. Things went back to how they were suppose to be and it was already time to get Bella changed to go for the honeymoon. Edward had just gotten Bella back from Emmett but I had to pull her away. At first Edward pretty much just called me annoying and told me to go away. I had to threaten him by saying I would tell Bella where he was taking her if he didn’t let me take her. I guess at one point Edward showed her in the reflection of the windows how beautiful she looked.

Renee, Esme, and myself dragged Bella upstairs and got her dressed into the blue dress for the plane ride. I picked blue cause I know Edward loves her in blue. She cried and told her mother she loved her. Esme and me knew she was actually telling her mother good bye for ever. But we didn’t say anything. As we went back down stairs everyone was waiting to watch the bride and groom leave. Bella said something about her bags and I told her I already backed them for her and Jasper had loaded them in the car. At the bottom of the stairs I gave her a hug and handed her over to Edward. Bella found Charlie told him her I love you’s and good byes and they were walking out the house. Everyone was throwing rice and Emmett threw directly at them. I had to push him for that one. Some people looked very surprised that little ole me could move him. They were gone on their way to have their wonderful honeymoon. I’m going to go have my own little honeymoon with Jasper talk to everyone later. I love how he looks at me when I’m writing.

August 30th, 2006

We haven’t heard from Edward and Bella yet. I am guessing they are having a very wonderful honeymoon like I saw. Sometimes I don’t like being able to see everything. Not much has been happening lately. We have been renovating a little cabin behind us for Edward and Bella’s wedding present. I really think she is going to enjoy it. I made sure she had a huge selection of clothes. The closet is almost bigger then the entire cottage but she will thank me for it one day. I hope she also likes all the clothes I packed for her for their honeymoon. Makes me laugh to myself.

We are all trying to decide on what we are going to do once Edward and Bella return. Bella is going to be changed soon and we have to figure out the best route for all of this. Making sure Charlie and everyone will be semi-ok with what happens once they return, since she will soon be disappearing again. We are also trying to figure out where to go. We had a very strong alliance with the werewolves and we really don’t want it to end just because Bella made her mind up about becoming one of us. There is a very good chance if its up to Jacob that if we were to stay they would attack us and try to destroy all of……I have to go. Something is wrong. Bella just disappeared from my visions. I can’t find her anywhere.

August 31st, 2006

I only have a little time before Bella and Edward get back. Bella is pregnant. I know. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just as surprised. I didn’t even know it was possible. I didn’t even see it coming. Now that she’s pregnant I can barely see her. It’s like looking at a very fuzzy television. I don’t know what to do. Everyone here knows. For some reason Rosalie keeps disappearing in my visions also. I don’t really care right now to even figure it out.

I don’t know what is going to become of this. I need to do some research. Carlisle said Bella and Edward will be at the airport in about six hours so I’m going to do what I can real quick and then go with them to the air port. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to write much, but when I do I promise I will let everyone know what’s going on.

September 9th, 2006

Bella is huge. The “fetus” is growing really fast. Carlisle figured that the normal nine month pregnancy rule of their belly being forty centimeters…is breaking down for Bella. She is gaining almost two centimeters a day. We have finally been getting her to drink some blood. Its donated blood but it seems to do everything the baby needs and wants.

Today has been an exciting day. I guess. Jacob found out about Bella being pregnant and he ran back to the pack to tell them what has happened. I guess Sam, the alpha, decided they were going to attack our family and kill the “monster”. They are so ones to talk about monsters. Any ways. So now Jacob, Seth, and Leah are patrolling and helping us as much as they possibly can. I don’t know what to do anymore. I keep getting massive bad headaches. I can’t see Bella. When I do see her its all fuzzy. She has wrapped her future so much around the fetus I can’t see anything. I can’t see the fetus at all period. I was talking to Jacob about that. He got extremely mad when I said “I wonder what you and the fetus have in common?” Soon after that he was asleep. He let me sit next to him for a mental break. Was very nice of him other then his wet dog smell. I’m upstairs right now trying to ignore everything by writing. It isn’t working out so well.

Earlier when it wasn’t working so well I went down stairs for a while and the funniest thing happened...

Jacob had just made his way back inside from paroling and he sat down in front of Bella. I asked Rosalie to get Jacob some food when his stomach growled so loud it could have shaken the house down. Rosalie went in the kitchen and we all heard a lot of loud banging. Rosalie had taken a metal mixing bowl and turned it into a dog bowl with “FIDO” wrote on the side of it. Jacob just ignored her like usual. Every so often he was making blonde jokes at her. Soon she just ignored him, so he started talking to Bella, once Bella fell asleep he started talking to Edward. I was really trying hard to block everything out. My headache was coming back so I did my best. At one point Jacob asked Edward what happened to the other mother’s who ended up pregnant with a vampire’s child. Before Edward could even answer Rosalie was snapping about how they didn’t survive and a bunch of other stuff and it made both Edward and Jacob mad. Edward was crouched down ready to attack her when all of a sudden Jacob threw his dog dish at her head. I though I was going to die laughing. If I could die again.

Then Bella woke up from her little nap. Everyone was quite watching television when Edward asked Bella if she had said something. Come to find out…Edward can now hear the baby. Its so amazing. I can’t wait for everything to happen. Edward has told the baby that what it does when it is breaking Bella hurts her very badly. So in two days Carlisle will be home with Esme from their hunting trip and Edward is going to ask him to go ahead and get the baby out of Bella. The baby is ready to come out. Well I’m off for now.

I’m going to go do a quick hunt around the house.

September 10th, 2006

Renesmee is here. Wonderful, amazing, little, growing, gifted baby. Well have baby if you want to get technical. She is half vampire, half human. She is so adorable. I will tell you guys more tomorrow, I need to go check on Edward and Bella. Bella is being transformed as I write.

September 11, 2006

Okay everyone is calm now we know the transformation is going. Edward is still having his doubts but it will work. I am going to explain everything now. I’m very sorry if I offend people with the details.

We were all sitting down stairs. Bella was finishing her cup of blood. Jacob was here. Bella had to use the rest room and Rosalie was walking behind her. Bella wanted to stretch her legs really bad. She ended up dropping her cup of blood and for some unknown reason she bent over to pick it up. That’s when we all heard a loud cracking noise. They rushed Bella upstairs to Carlisle’s office/doctor room. I still to this point have no idea what happened. Something about the placenta broke off when Bella bent over and it was suffocating the baby.

Everyone was running around Jacob kept yelling at Bella to stay with us and keep her heart pounding. Edward was shooting Bella up with tons of morphine as Rosalie was getting ready to cut her stomach open with a scalpel. I didn’t know what to do other then to call Carlisle. I got him on the phone when we heard a loud snapping noise and Bella stopmoving…the baby had snapped her spine. I rushed over to Rosalie and gave her the ear piece as she was slicing into Bella’s stomach. I had to leave the room. The smell of blood was to over whelming. The next thing I know Jacob is pushing Rosalie away and drop kicking her out of the room. I grabbed Rosalie and took her out of the room.

Edward got Renesmee out while Jacob was doing CPR on Bella. I felt so bad that I didn’t know what to do. Bella spoke only loud enough to say she wanted to see the baby. Edward let her and then took her away and handed her to Rosalie. We instantly went down stairs. From there I only got Edwards story.

He was having Jacob continue CPR and then he injected more morphine and then he injected his venom straight into her heart with a needle. Then he went around and bit her at the most vital points. Jacob was starting to lose hope and thinking Bella was dead she wasn’t coming back as anything and Edward knocked him out of the way and told him to leave.
Jacob came down stairs and was ready it looked like to kill Renesmee. When all of a sudden she looked at Jacob and Jacob’s world completely turned upside down. He imprinted on Renesmee. I rushed upstairs to see what was happening with Bella.

I couldn’t stay long – the blood was still every where. Esme and Carlisle were on there way and would be here very soon. Edward had just stopped doing CPR cause he could hear her heart again pumping the venom through her body. Now all we could do was wait and see what would happen.

I have enjoyed spending time with Renesmee. She has a special gift. She can tell us what she wants by touching us. Its wonderful. Very reliable. She can eat both human food, and vampire food. She prefers blood to formula. We have been trying to get her to drink more formula but she “says” it taste like dirt. She has already grown to the size of probably a one month old and she’s only a day old. I’m going to go. Carlisle just got the room cleaned up where Bella is. So now I can get her dressed for when she wakes up without wanting to bite her.

September 13, 2006

BELLA IS AWAKE!!! She is so beautiful. She looks wonderful. She isn’t use to the red eyes yet. We all keep telling her it will fade she just needs to give it a few months. She woke earlier today. She went hunting with Edward. Before she left I was able to show her what she looked like in a mirror. She said she can still see herself a little bit. She actually hurt Edward when she hugged him. It was so funny. She is actually quite calm for being a newborn. I don’t even think she would have went and hunted if we hadn’t told her she needed to. With Renesmee in the house we can’t take any chances.

Edward showed Bella how to jump out the window and to my surprise Bella was very graceful doing it. I don’t even think I look like that when I jump from the window. I really think she is going to be a very good vampire. She already seems to be into the point of a newborn would be at if they were six or seven months old.

As her and Edward were hunting they came across some hiker’s scent. Bella went running after him but she stopped when she realized she was being followed. She turned on Edward. Once she realized what she was doing she held her breath and took off running in the opposite direction. I’m so proud of her. She has made a complete mess of the dress I put her in off course. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. When her and Edward showed back up she was wearing his shirt. No idea how that happened but still.

Jacob met them out front. Bella was still slightly confused on to why Jacob was still hanging around with her being a vampire now. Of course none of really like the fact that he is always going to be around now. Him and Nessie (little nickname for Renesmee) are always going to be a huge part of each other’s lives if not together as soul mates. Jacob imprinted on her and now he belongs to her. Its weird and I don’t understand it. But then again I didn’t understand Edward’s reaction to Bella and look where we are now. The most wonderful things have come of everything. Jacob explained to her that they were testing her to see how she would do with Nessie. Bella still didn’t get it about Jacob and Nessie for a while.

Oh boy though. Once she was inside and able to hold Nessie and be around everyone and she realized that Jacob kept hovering over Nessie like he was protecting her more then all of us were it finally clicked in her head. She took that little dog outside and gave ripped him up one side and down the other. She was ready to tear him apart when Seth jumped in the way and stopped Bella from hurting Jacob. Jacob wouldn’t even transform into wolf. He knew once Bella calmed down she really wouldn’t hurt him. She didn’t, instead she got Seth. Of course now she feels really bad about the whole thing. I understand where she is coming from. She is just now getting to know Nessie and already Jacob has a claim on her…well Nessie has a claim on Jacob.

Renesmee is already looking like a four or five month old child. Holding her self up. Its wonderful. Bella was really impressed with her. Bella was so surprised that Nessie had a gift. I think it was adorable what they were like together. Everyone else was on guard but I knew nothing bad would happen. We have all been kind of on edge since the whole incident with Jacob/Seth earlier so Bella has chosen to stay away from Nessie for the moment. I think everything is going to be okay. I’m going to go play with Nessie before she goes to bed. Write more when I can.

September 14th, 2006

Bella and Edward love their wedding present. We finally gave it to them last night once Nessie fell asleep. I walked them out there and then gave them some privacy. Charlie just left a little bit ago. Then Bella beat Emmett at an arm wrestling match. It was all wonderful. I just can’t believe how well Bella is doing.

So last night we gave Bella and Edward their wedding present. Then this morning a little after Nessie woke up they came back to the house. Edward all of a sudden got very upset. Then my day went completely blank. I asked Edward what was going on. Jacob had went and got Charlie. And Charlie was now on his way to the house. Bella sat Jacob down and made him explain the whole story. So in the end Jacob had exposed himself to Charlie, told Charlie a lot had changed with Bella but it was still Bella, her and Edward were adopting a little girl. Charlie insisted on seeing Bella. But he said he only wanted to know stuff that was a need to know basis. So we agreed on that.

Soon after I got Bella to shove in some contacts and get ready for Charlie to get here. Charlie got here and Bella held her breath. She did really well. Charlie was here all day. He never picked up on Emmett’s dirty jokes that he kept popping off about Bella and Edward’s personal life. Bella was highly mad about that. She made a deal with Emmett that if she could beat him at arm wrestling he had to stop the jokes like that if she won. If Emmett won the jokes were only going to get worse, which I don’t see how but they would have. It looked like Emmett was trying his hardest to beat Bella and all she did was barely flinch her arm and he has lost. We all laughed at this. It was very amusing to have Emmett beaten at a strength game. But yeah. Charlie asked if he could keep coming over specially the next day and we all agreed it would be okay. We all were able to semi-slip into our normal selves not watching what we do so much around Charlie. It was really nice for a change to not have to worry so much. Off to play with Nessie again before she goes back to the cottage with Bella and Edward.

November 23rd, 2006

Sorry I haven’t written in so long. There has been nothing really going on except “normal” things for a while. Up until today there was nothing really to write about. Everyone is doing exceptionally well. Nessie is growing and looks beautiful. Rosalie and I are constantly taking pictures of her. We love seeing her grow so fast and how much she has grown. She looks like a toddler now. It’s amazing.

The only down fall to everything is Irina showed up. She kept her distance. Bella saw her. Bella said she looked very hurt. I knew from my vision that Irina was coming around to come apologize for not helping us with the vampire army. I had no idea she would see Bella with a wolf, Jacob. I guess it really freaked Irina out. She took off and none of us have been able to find her. I see her in my visions. She is constantly changing her mind on what she’s going to do. I have no idea why. I’m going to go for now and spend some time with everyone. I want this good luck to keep coming. I enjoy it very much.

November 26th, 2006

I saw it. It’s what I really never wanted to happen. Irina went to the Volturi. She thinks she saw an immortal child. We didn’t even realize until tonight that she had seen Nessie. We are all doomed. I can not believe Irina would do that to us. She should know us better then that then to have went to the Volturi. Couldn’t she hear that Nessie had a heart beat?
I don’t know what to do. Jasper and I are going to go hunting here in a little bit. I’m sitting in Bella’s cottage. I can’t think straight. All of the Volturi are coming. Every single one. Including the wives and guard. I don’t know what to think about this. Jasper has never heard of this either. Jasper and I are going to have to leave. I have to go find a way to make the Volturi listen to all of us that Nessie is not an immortal child. She grows and is amazing. I don’t know what to do. Everyone was inside talking about how if they could get enough witnesses then maybe the Volturi will stop and listen. I have no idea how this is going to work.

As I am writing this, I’m telling Jasper what I’m thinking. I told him I think we should leave now. Not tell the family good bye. Have them think we took off to protect ourselves. We have to find something. I’ve been focusing really hard and it comes down to…yes the Volturi will listen. But with Nessie being one of her kind that we know of, they will find a reason to destroy her because she is different. We have to follow the legends and figure something out. We have to leave now. I have to write a note to everyone asking them not to look for us and to remember to gather as many witnesses as they can. I will let them know we will send back as many as we can but I just can’t stick around. I feel so bad for doing this. But if they have even the slightest idea that we are going to help them some way then Aro will send Demetri after us and I can not risk Jasper’s life. This is so even if we can’t find anyone to help us, Jasper and I will be okay.

I am also going to leave a way for Bella to get Nessie away as long as she can figure out a way for someone to run with Nessie. I love everyone so much. People can think what they want of me. But we have to leave. We have to figure all of this out.

December 3rd, 2006

We found Peter and Charlotte, and a couple other people who are willing to go see Bella and them and be witnesses for them. As far as I can tell from my visions also, the whole pack will be there to back the rest of them up. I feel so bad for leaving the way we did. Jasper keeps telling me everything will be okay. That we will find a way to make all of this work. If anything else we are still with each other and he will never let the Volturi have me. That really scares me because I know from what Edward heard, Aro wants me really badly to join him and I just can’t do it. I refuse to be a part of all of that. That is not who I am and it is not who I want to become.

We have made it to South America. But this is very hard for me. I am looking for something that I can not see. I keep referring back to a map. This is very hard for me. I cross off places that I can see. So I know I need to go to the places that I can not see. I feel like I’m running around with out the slightest idea of what I’m doing. We did stop in the Amazon and picked up the Amazon coven. We hated to split them up but we needed at least one of them with us who knew the region for some kind of support. Kachiri stayed with us and helped as so much, the other two went ahead to the Cullen house. We left them with little information because I don’t want them letting Edward know anything and then Aro. I will write more later.

December 25th, 2006

It’s Christmas, and I don’t like it very much. I am use to being able to enjoy Christmas very much with lots of snow. But no not this year. This year I am running around the Amazon, at night, like a true vampire, looking for something I can not see. We are getting deeper into the legends. Everyone we talk to has more and more information then the last person we spoke to. So I’m starting to get more hopeful. Either that or Jasper is playing with my emotions, which I don’t suggest he do right now. I just really hope that we can find someone soon that has the information we need and make it back in time for the Volturi being there. More searching to be done.

December 28th, 2006

Rio De Janeiro?? I have no idea what Bella is trying to tell me. They have come up with a ton of witnesses. We’re so close. We are on our way to meet someone – I really hope this is what we’ve been looking for. I can’t see the person in my visions, so hopefully this is really it.

I have to move fast and get everything done so we can get back. No matter what we try to do the Volturi is going to have something to back fire against us. I know this is going to work. I just have to get there in time…..

January 4th, 2007

We are on a plane. On our way to Washington. I know from the airport we can run and we will make it there faster than if we used a car. This is very time consuming. I found what we were looking for. I found what is going to stop the Volturi dead in their tracks. Bella and everyone are going to be so happy when they see us. Sorry I can’t update more now. I will, though, after the Volturi leave.

Ha. Jasper just told me to not be so optimistic. Coming from the guy who most of the time makes people feel that way.

January 6th, 2007

I never got a chance to tell everyone to have a Happy New Year. Yes I’m writing so that does mean we beat the Volturi. It didn’t turn into a physical fight. They knew from the moment they showed up that we had out numbered them. Jasper, Kachiri, Huilen, Nahuel, and myself barely made it in time.

Everyone was in the clearing just as I had seen. The Volturi had brought everyone including the wives with them.

They were deciding on how to handle the situation in front of them. I could already tell that Alec (Jane’s brother) was trying to use his powers but for some unknown reason it wasn’t working. I wasn’t all the way to the clearing when I heard Edward asking Aro if he could prove that Nessie wouldn’t be dangerous ever. That was the issue they were deliberating on at the moment. Aro said he still had time to prove to them, but it had to be one hundred percent proof. That’s when Edward invited me to come stand with him. I joyfully joined him followed by the people I brought with me. Everyone froze like they didn’t understand. Once I was able to introduce Nahuel the half human, half vampire and his biological aunt who is now a vampire also everything started to clear up.

It did not take very long for the Volturi to leave. Everyone rejoiced and was beyond happy. The wolves howled in accomplishment and everyone hugged Jasper and I for coming back. I knew that we would have some serious discussions back at the house. So we all headed back that way except for the few people who decided to go back to their homes. Which I did not blame them. I have desperately missed my home and family. Nessie has grown so much. Its unbelievable.

Once we got back to the house everything was peaceful. Nessie fell asleep faster then I expected. She tried to fight it as long as she could since she wanted to hang out with me. I did get a stern yelling from Bella about how I could never do that to her again. I told her I couldn’t have let her known anything because she is a horrible actress. She got very upset and then I explained my self to her. Jasper just sat next to me and smiled the whole time. Finally Bella interrupted me and hugged me and told me to never do that to them again. I told her I missed her to and I promised I wouldn’t. I had almost forgotten. I asked her about Rio De Janeiro and she just started laughing. Then she told me and Jasper that from now on she would handle the family business with J. Jenks. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m so proud that for once she listened to me.

I am so happy that we got all of this pulled off. I know that me and Jasper ran. But if I knew that the rest of our family had died protecting Nessie was going to have to soon follow. I love my family more then anything. Since talking to Nahuel we have realized that in seven years from Nessie’s birth she will be fully mature. But she will never age after that. Once she hits eighteen maturity wise she will be done. To live a wonderful live forever half human with her entire family.

Bella and Edward just took Nessie home, Nahuel and his aunt are soon leaving. Rosalie and Emmett took off upstairs hours ago. Carlisle and Esme are starring out the windows holding each others hands. Sometimes I wish I had Edward’s powers just to know what everyone was thinking. But at the same time I can see it, they are all happy that they have forever with each other. I guess I’m going to get off of here for now and go with Jasper and show him how I’m glad we have forever together.

February 1, 2007

Everything has been going really wonderful lately. Charlie still comes around. Bella and Edward and doing amazingly well. Nessie is growing so big. I can’t believe that shortly she will be fully mature, physically and mentally. I love her to pieces. My little niece.

Jasper and I are doing wonderfully. I love him with everything I have. I am so glad everything went well when the Volturi showed up. I was really scared I wasn’t going to be able to do what I needed to do. Everything is well now. I don’t see them doing anything. I keep my eye on them just in case though.

Charlie has a new lady friend. Her name is Sue Clearwater. Sue is Seth’s mother. Seth is the one who helped Edward when Victoria brought her army of vampire newborns. When the rest of us were off fighting the army in the clearing, Victoria and her “mate” took off after Bella and Edward. Luckily Seth was there to take care of Riley.

Charlie doesn’t say much about Sue other then the fact he enjoys spending time with her. I see great things for them. I can almost see a wedding but Charlie puts that out of his mind faster then it comes it. I really think Bella’s mother Renee did a number on him. He starts to get happy and then remembers he failed his first marriage why get serious again.

Well I’m off for now. Going to go hunt with Bella, Edward, Nessie, Jacob and Jasper. Jasper and I still don’t understand the whole Nessie and Jacob thing still but it makes Nessie happy to have Jacob around. So I’m happy that she’s happy.

February 9th, 2007

I’m so excited. Jasper and I get to keep watch over Nessie for a while. Edward and Bella are going to go to Isle Esme again. Kind of like a second honey moon. I’m super excited. We are going to play dress up and go shopping. Jasper won’t like any of that stuff, but Nessie will enjoy it very much.

Jasper is still shocked about how well Bella is doing, as a newborn. The fact that she is going to be able to sit on a plane full of humans and nothing is going to happen is so amazing. I’ve already looked ahead and I saw that Edward & Bella going to have so much fun.

They are going to be leaving in the next few days. So I went shopping earlier for Bella. I got her lots of new, very small, see through outfits for her and Edward. She will very much enjoy those. So will Edward. For some reason when they came back from their last honeymoon some of the outfits were either missing or torn apart. I don’t understand and I’m not going to ask. That’s just weird.

I can’t wait for Edward to give Bella her bracelet. He doesn’t know I’ve already seen it. I love being able to see things. The bracelet is going to be totally amazing. She will love it very much. I have to go now. I’m going to go plan some things for Nessie and I to do while her parents are away. This is my time with her so Rosalie needs to just stay away. She’s so selfish when it comes to Nessie

February 18th, 2007
Bella and Edward will be back soon. They are on the plane so I can’t call them to tell them what I saw. I don’t know what day exactly but I see Charlie in danger.

Two men from Seattle are going to be running from the law. I can’t see everything clearly because they haven’t done anything yet. They just have a back up plan to run to Forks.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Charlie, but I’m very worried right now. I know how close Bella is to her father. She feels really bad that she has to keep lying to him. I know she worries that if he finds out the truth he will either be killed or changed into one of us. We don’t see that life for Charlie.

I know Bella willing chose this life, but she doesn’t want to wish it or make it happen to anyone else. I totally understand her. But at the same time I’m confused. You would think she would want her father and mother changed so then she would always have them. It makes no sense to me really. I understand her wishes though.

I can almost see Bella telling Charlie about us being vampires, but at the same time the vision is extremely blurry, and then it disappears and I see Bella convincing herself not to tell Charlie.

I’m going to go set up a little banner welcoming home Bella and Edward. Nessie drew it and she is very proud of herself for it. I think it’s wonderful. She is so creative and talented.

February 28th, 2007

I’m at home right now. Waiting for a phone call for my turn up at the hospital. Charlie got shot. It was those two men from Seattle. We are all trying to stay very calm and peaceful for Bella. She is really losing it right now.

Two men from Seattle were running from the law, like I saw, and they ended up shooting Charlie three times. Once in the shoulder and two times in the chest. One of the bullets is very, very close to his heart. Carlisle is going to tell Bella that if it gets any closer to his heart, it could kill him. He wants to know if Bella would like him to change Charlie so he doesn’t “die”. I know she is going to say no.

I feel so bad for her. I wish I knew what to do. Charlie has become a huge part in all of our lives. I’m going to be really sad if he dies. I have been on alert looking for anything to signal to me what is going to happen to him. Since he isn’t making any set decisions, nothing is really coming up except for him laying in the hospital bed.

I am going to go hunt. It’s going to be my shift at the hospital here in the next couple hours and I don’t want to be struggling not to kill people when I’m looking over Charlie.

March 3rd, 2007

Bella killed two humans today. I didn’t see it till it was too late. She didn’t drink their blood, though. I guess I should explain what happened.

Charlie had to be rushed into surgery because the bullet went closer to his heart. While he was in surgery, he flat lined for about three seconds and luckily Carlisle got him to come back. This sent Bella over the edge. She knew what kind of vehicle the shooters had driven that day. She left the hospital, telling Edward and I that she was going back to Charlie’s house because the hospital smell was making her thirsty and that she wanted to re-collect her self.

It wasn’t even a half hour later when I got the vision of Bella storming into a run down locksmith shop, killing those two men. Dismantling them. She didn’t even try to hide the fact that she is vampire. I went and grabbed Edward from Charlie’s room and told him we had to go. I didn’t let anyone else know what was going on. I reran the vision through my head so Edward could see what happened. He told me we were taking my car. That made me really excited.

We were able to speed, but not much. There were lots of cars from Forks to Seattle. It didn’t help when people were slowing down to look at my car. I love my car with everything I have, its just so distracting to the humans. I wish they would just get over it. I can’t wait to take it on a very long trip.

As we pulled up to where Bella was, she was already finished with the men and she was sitting in her truck. It looked like she was ready to cry – if she could. Before I could even come to a stop, Edward was out of my car running to Bella. They really need to be more careful about exposing us. He explained to Bella that what she did was okay. That he understood. She only feels bad for lying to Edward about it all, though. We both told her everything was going to be okay and headed back to the hospital where Charlie needed us.

Edward rode with Bella this time. I’m so glad he re-did her truck for her. It makes her so happy. He had a new engine put in and had it repainted. It looks amazing now.

We got to the hospital as Charlie was waking up. Bella all but fell to pieces when she saw he was talking. I am going to go for now. Bella wants me to explain to everyone else what happened today. She is saying they all have a right to know. She doesn’t want to lie to them when she has to lie to everyone else in this world. I tried explaining it isn’t lying when they don’t know about it.

Charlie has an infection from the bullet, but Carlisle says it’s healing and going away, slowly. Charlie should be able to go home soon.

March 5th, 2007

Oh goodness. I was just minding my own business today looking through car magazines for the next one I want when all of a sudden I got a completely clear vision of Bella telling Charlie what we are. The vision isn’t going away either. She has her mind set. I went and talked to her about it and I very much believe her when she says she can’t keep lying to Charlie anymore. I suggested it might be best if she waits until he is completely recovered from everything before she tell him. His heart isn’t one hundred percent. It never will be again, actually, but still.  She needs to wait until he’s stronger.

I know she is horrible at lying, but she is going to have to be very careful about this. If the Volturi ever found out we would all be in very big trouble. They would pick any reason to start a fight with us. I told Bella she needs to at least tell Edward, Carlisle, and Esme about what she’s going to do. She promised she would. She might be a terrible liar but when she makes a promise she really keeps it.

I have to go for now. For some reason, I see a stranger coming to our door, needing our help…

March 20th, 2007

Baylor is very interesting. Like Bella, Edward can’t hear his thoughts. Everyone has gotten to know Baylor very well. When he met Carlisle he explained his story. I was there, of course. I knew he was coming. Baylor told us that his mother changed him. His mother was changed by a vampire that was in love with her. Once she figured out what he had done, she ran when she could and had her parents take care of Baylor. She would visit Baylor each night and talk to him until he fell asleep. The Volturi had found out that she had told a human what she was so it was either he died, or became a vampire. So she of course changed him. Soon after the vampire that was in love with her killed her, because she refused to be with him. Baylor killed that vampire and soon came to find us. He had heard many stories of our life style and was wanting to become a part of it.

Jasper and I both get along perfectly with Baylor. He’s amazing. He even tolerates the werewolves. Which is very good. He doesn’t really have a choice though either. The other day he went hunting with Rosalie and Emmett. He loves grizzly bears as much as Emmett does. I see a very not so healthy competition coming from those two over the bears.

I do believe I’m going to end this. I saw a vision earlier of Baylor finding love. So it looks like he won’t be the odd one out anymore. I’m just worried. I can’t tell yet if the person is like us or a human. That would be weird. Two vampires fall in love with human girls from Forks. What a strange town this is. I’m going to go take a walk with Bella and tell her what I saw.

March 29th, 2007

Oh Bella. She really is strange. She told Charlie about what we are. Charlie took it better than I would have expected, especially since he wanted only to be told stuff on a need to know basis. She hasn’t explained Nessie to him, yet. Poor Charlie couldn’t take much more.

Edward went with her over to Charlie’s. Charlie has been doing very good since he’s been home from the hospital. Carlisle and Esme knew about Bella’s decision, to tell her Father. They completely understand what she did. They think she is very brave for doing it.

Bella and Edward told Charlie what we were. They had them him over and over again because he couldn’t completely get a grasp on everything they were saying. Bella soon asked Charlie to join her in the back yard since the sun was shining today. Charlie went with her and Edward. Once Bella stepped in the sun Charlie was totally amazed -but didn’t handle it well. He ended up fainting. Edward called Carlisle over there and Carlisle was there in a flash. They got Charlie back awake and re-hydrated him.

Bella and Edward will be coming home soon. Jasper, Emmett, Baylor, and Rosalie are not happy one bit. They know what Bella did. Esme had called Carlisle to check on Charlie and she was on the phone upstairs, she didn’t realize Rosalie would be able to hear her when she asked Carlisle how Charlie took it when Bella told him about us. Rosalie is very upset. She is going to confront Bella as soon as she gets in the door. Edward left his phone at Charlie’s so I can’t even call him to tell him what to expect when he gets home. I’m going to have to help Bella and Edward on this – I already know it.

I’m going to go now. Bella and Edward are pulling up in the driveway. Will write soon to let everyone know what happened with Rosalie and the rest of them.

April 6th, 2007

Well that argument didn’t go to well. Jasper is upset with me. As soon as Bella and Edward walked in the house, Rosalie was right in Bella’s face, crouched and yelling at her. Jasper and Emmett were standing right there with her. Baylor was a little bit further back but he was still on Rosalie’s side. I instantly went to tell Bella that they knew, and stood in front of her with Edward. Rosalie took it way too far. She doesn’t have sympathy for anyone but herself and it gets really annoying sometimes.

Soon the argument just turned into a bunch of growls & hisses. I can not believe how Jasper was acting towards Bella, but mostly I was totally and utterly shocked at how he was acting towards me. I have never seen him act that way, let alone towards me. He was acting like I had a hand in all of this. Just because I know stuff doesn’t mean I’m a part of it all. I wish he would understand that. Nessie walked into the room and everyone could tell she was scared so we all went our own ways. Baylor took off upstairs. I knew he was pretty upset.

As fast as everything had ended, a brand new whirlwind of drama was starting. Baylor took off out the door with his duffel bag. All I saw was him hunting a human and running in an area that resembles Volterra. I ran back into the room with Bella and Edward to tell them what I saw. Edward already knew what was going on. Edward took off to go after Baylor. Bella of course went with him, and I soon followed after. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Then I got a phone call from Edward telling me he knows now that Baylor was sent from the Volturi to be a witness for when we would mess up again to the point that the Volturi would have to step in. Baylor was their little spy. Time is hardly a factor for Vampires, either. Baylor would have lived with us for years, until we messed up…. waiting, watching.

Soon we were at the airport on a plane towards Italy. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been to Italy to deal with the Volturi just since meeting Bella. I don’t even think I’ve been there as many times to just have fun shopping. Over the length of the drive and loading up the plane I figured something out about Baylor. I can’t see where Baylor is, but I can see what he is doing, like for instance if he were in Paris I wouldn’t be able to see that, but I could see him hunting, running, loading a plane. But just him, and nothing else. No background images. I think he can block more than just Edward. I think he can block all of us. I believe he can really use his blocking well because before I could see tons of stuff for him and now it’s like this. I don’t understand.

We soon landed in Italy. Luckily I grabbed all of our passports and identifications before I left the house. As soon as we landed we had to find a bunch of stuff to hide ourselves with. We did not want to draw any unnecessairy attention to ourselves.

We were in the car rental line and I got a vision of Baylor. He was talking to Caius and Aro. He had already made it to the Volturi and was telling them everything about Bella telling Charlie about what we are. I can’t believe Baylor tricked us. Bella and Edward went to go get the next plane set up so would could hurry and get back to help protect Charlie.

I called Carlisle to let him know he needed to go get Charlie and protect him, keep him safe. I didn’t want to tell them much till we got there so I promised we would be home very soon and would help keep Charlie safe.  It didn’t take long before we were back home. Then again, to a vampire, nothing seems long.

When I finally saw exactly who was coming it seemed completely odd to me. Only Aro, Demetri, Caius, and Marcus are coming. They aren’t bringing any of the guard. They will be here in four days. Luckily Carlisle took of with Charlie. None of us know where he took him. Which is good because we don’t want Aro to find out either.

Edward couldn’t even figure it out. Before he left with Charlie, Carlisle just kept naming a million different things in his head using the alphabet game. Say a word that starts with the letter a, then b, then c and so on. Edward knows why he did it and is completely glad he kept it a secret.

We haven’t heard from them and we need to keep it that way. I don’t think things are going to go completely well. Jasper is still hissing at me and being completely standoffish, but he is at least talking to me sometimes, just not in the loving manner I want him to. That I’m used to. I’m going to go now. I need to see if I can convince Emmett to come help us. The wolves are already in, of course. I’m glad we have them as friends.

April 11th, 2007

I don’t even know completely where to begin. Here we go…

We were all sitting around talking about my latest vision. The Volturi would come to the clearing like they usually do and that’s where everything would happen. Esme said she would stay at the house with Nessie, Emmett, and Jasper soon agreed to come with us. Jasper made it a very clear point to Bella that he’s not doing it to help her, after she so easily told a human about us, but to make sure I’m safe. He needs to be nice. I swear. Rosalie was not happy at all with Emmett’s decision to come. We’re used to Rosalie not agreeing with anyone but herself, though.

The day came and we went to the clearing to wait for them. Just as I had saw, only Demetri, Aro, Caius, and Marcus came. They stood across from us getting right to the point:  Charlie was either going to have to die, or become one of us. I couldn’t stand the fact that they were talking about Charlie like he was nothing. I told them “I’m sorry, but we’re not letting anything happen to Charlie, he will remain alive, human. He is innocent, and I can vouch that he will not tell a soul. If we have to fight, to keep Charlie alive, so be it.” Everyone looked at me like I had just spoken for the first time in my life or something. I was very proud of myself for defending Charlie.

Before we knew what was happening Caius was telling us they were going to have to take care of our wolf friends for this to be an even fight. The wolves fell to the ground, howling and whimpering. We didn’t understand at first. They fell and were hurting without anyone touching them or doing anything to them. That’s when Baylor came walking out of the woods. Marcus soon explained to us that Baylor has the ability to subject the wolves to the most crippling pain they have ever felt in their lives. I felt so bad. We were all looking at how Baylor was starring at the wolves, hurting them, when we all heard a really loud bang.

I turned to see that Marcus had tried to attack me, but Jasper stopped him. Bella was soon going after Marcus and got him pinned to the ground. Before I could get close enough to help, Edward was already there, tearing Marcus apart and throwing his body parts into a pit, then lighting it up. The sweet, lingering aroma danced through my nostrils. The thick fog created a barrier between us and the Volturi.

Demetri attacked Jasper and bit him. I feelt so bad for Jasper, he is constantly getting bit and the venom does sting a little bit. Emmett was soon there to help Jasper and grabbed Demetri and threw him across the field. Aro grabbed a hold of me and threw me towards the fire. I instantly got back up and charged at him, smashing into him like granite as he tries to bite me.

Bella was soon after Aro and sunk her teeth in to the back of his neck, letting me get away. Aro turned on Bella and Edward ran over, grabbed Aro threw him into a tree. Demetri was after Bella while she was trying to apologize to Jacob and the wolves. They were still in excruciating pain. Demetri threw her towards the fire pit and then grabbed her and held her above the fire like he was going to drop her in. He started asking us if Charlie was really worth all of this.

In that moment, to everyone’s disbelief, Carlisle was in the clearing. All I could think was where was Charlie. That’s when I saw him. My jaw dropped, Emmett smiled a half smile, Edward and Jasper just starred at each other and Bella looked like she was in a dream. Charlie was one of us. He was pale. Inhumanly beautiful. His eyes were bright red…. he was a vampire. I couldn’t believe it. I can see into the future – but this, this shocked me to my core. I had no idea.

Soon Aro was ordering everyone to leave. Carlisle and Charlie went into an explanation about what happened.

They ended up in Vancouver, when Charlie wanted to know if Bella was going to be okay in this fight with the Volturi. Carlisle didn’t have an answer for him. He couldn’t lie. The reality was that Bella could end up dead… so Charlie decided to become a vampire. Carlisle asked if he would be willing to adopt our lifestyle, meaning becoming a vegetarian vampire. Charlie said he wouldn’t do it any other way. He worked as an officer to protect people and wasn’t about to start destroying them.

Charlie is still Charlie. He looks the same, kind of, but really graceful and beautiful. He still goes fishing. Just does it a little differently now. He waits until night and hunts sharks. It’s really funny. He still loves sports and everything that he use to love. He just can’t handle drinking his old favorite beer. We have had Jacob keep Nessie at the cottage because we don’t know how well Charlie would be able to control himself with Nessie being half human.

Everyone is fine again. No one is angry, or holding a grudge anymore. In Emmett’s world everything is amazing once he gets to fight and use his strength for something. Jasper was really scared something was going to happen to me so he let go of all the resentment once everything was done and over with. I guess I’m going to go spend some well-earned alone time with Jasper. In a few days I’m going to be really tired again, we are planning on letting Charlie see Nessie and I’m going to have to completely focus on just them to make sure nothing bad happens.